5 Travel Tips to Keep You Juicing Away From Home

For many of us, juicing is more than an occasional practice, it’s an entire way of life. Since your body lets you know when you’ve missed just a day or two of juicing, it’s important to find ways to keep juicing even when on the go. With a little extra planning and preparation, there’s no reason at all that you can’t continue juicing while away from home this summer, or winter (depending on where you are!).

(In writing this, I’m assuming you’re in a situation in which you won’t be able to take along your own juicer. If you have plenty of room, and will be gone for a longer amount of time, taking your juicer along is a great way to stay healthy while traveling. Juicing during the day and eating a light, healthy meal in the evening is a great way to stay on track with your health goals while you’re out of town).

1. Do Your Research
First, research the area you’re going to be visiting for local juice bars. You can use the Reboot with Joe Juice Bar Locator to help you find restaurants with juice. Or if you’re just looking for healthy food, use google to search for healthy food, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, etc. You can even call shops and ask if they make fresh juice and/or what their processes and storage procedures are. Many juice bars will also make several juices ahead for you (make sure they’ll store them in glass containers, or ask if you can drop your own glass jars ahead of time) and others will deliver fresh juice directly to your hotel each morning. In fact, one national hotel chain in the U.S, Kimpton Hotels, recently announced that they’ll be offering fresh juices at all of their properties!

2. Get Help from Your Local Juice Bars
If you can’t find an accommodating juice bar in the area you’ll be visiting, ask your local juice bar at home if they’ll prepare several juices for you in advance to take with you. Many juice bars advertise something such as a “Cooler Cleanse” in which they’ll prepare 3 – 5 days worth of juices, pour them into your glass jars, and have them ready for you to pack in a cooler when you pick up.

3. Prepare Your Own Juice
When you have the space to take a cooler along, another option is to make a few juices at home before you head out of town. If you’re day-tripping it, put your juices in an air-tight container, fill them to the top and put them on ice. They typically last 48 – 72 hours max if kept cold.

4. Know How to Pack a Cooler
When packing a cooler of juice, make sure you pack the cooler properly so your juices stay chilled longer.  Pre-chill what you’re going to put in the cooler first, so some of the cooling work is already done. In this case, put your juices in the refrigerator to chill immediately after preparing them and before placing them in the cooler. If you have ice packs, place the glass jars of juice in the bottom of the cooler and place ice packs around them. You want to have as little air in the cooler as possible (this causes the ice to melt), so place the ice in the cooler next, and shake it down to ensure there’s little air in between. Make sure you fill the cooler with as much ice as possible (all the way to top) to ensure less air as well. And don’t forget to pack the cooler in the order you’re going to use it…first juices on top and the ones you’ll be drinking last on the bottom.

5. Just Do the Best You Can
And lastly, remember Joe Cross’s advice in “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”: just do the best you can when traveling and get back on track when you return home. If you simply can’t find or make fresh juices, Joe recommends finding HPP juices. Evolution Juices, which are sold at most Starbucks nationwide,  are a good choice when you are in a pinch as far as prepared juices go. Ultimately, just do your best to eat healthy while you’re out of town, and make good food choices, but also remember to have fun and enjoy your time away wherever your travels take you. That’s what it’s all about!