How Often Should I Reboot?

Perhaps you’ve just completed your Reboot; you feel amazing and are thinking: I’d really like to do this again, and soon! When is the healthiest time for your next juicy adventure?

Team Reboot’s nutritionists got together to create this guide for you. Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different, and this guide is meant as a general roadmap, not individual recommendations. You are welcome to wait longer between Reboots, but generally we feel that the suggestions below reflect the quickest recommended turnaround between Reboots. It may not be ideal to Reboot sooner because the Reboot includes only fruits, vegetables, herbs/spices, and over an extended period of time, you may miss out on other important nutrients required for sustaining health. If you follow a modified Reboot that includes healthy, complete plant-based meals (like with legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains) the guidelines may differ depending on the details of your day to day diet.

If you are unsure when to Reboot next, are taking medications or have completed or plan to embark on an extended Reboot, please consult with your doctor. If you have any nutrition related questions please find us in the Ask the Nutritionist forum.

Here is a timeline based on our current plans:
Long Weekend Reboot (3 days) – Once a month
Express Reboot (5 days) – Every 2 months
Quick Start Reboot (10 days) – Every 3 months
Classic Reboot (15 days) – Every 3 months

*For a 30 day Reboot – every 6 months
**For a 60 day Reboot – once a year

Please note both of these extended Reboots (30 day, 60 day) should be done under the supervision of a doctor, even if you do not take medication or have a health condition.

How often do you Reboot? We would love to hear from you!