Why You Should Indulge in Apples This Fall

Apples are a popular, versatile fruit that are enjoyed all around with world. Consuming fruit regularly has been associated with weight loss, improved well-being and a reduction in the risk of many diseases. Just eating a single apple will give you:

  •  5g fiber (20% of your recommended intake)
  • 10mg vitamin C  (17% of your recommended intake)
  • 4.9mcg vitamin K
  • 239mg (7%of your recommended intake) potassium
  • smaller amounts of B vitamins and other minerals.

The real benefit of apples comes with the phytonutrients that they contain particularly the phenolic compounds, which have a high antioxidant rating. Some of these powerful antioxidant phytonutrient compounds are catechin, procyanidins, chlorogenic acid and ploridizin. These nutrients tend to concentrate just under the skin, so if you can, skip peeling your apple.

Some reported health benefits of apples:

Apples can reduce the risk of strokeDutch researchers found that people who consumed atleast 25 grams of white fruits and vegetables (such as apples, pears, onions and mushrooms) daily over a 10 year study found a 9% reduction in stroke. By consuming more we could be potentially reducing it even more. So we could also say “An apple a day keeps strokes away!”

Apples protect brain cells – Apples and some other fruits have been found to play an important role in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease by protecting neuron cells against oxidative stress-induced neurotoxicity.

Apples offer cancer protection – Apples may offer antimutagenic activity, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory mechanisms, antiproliferative and apoptosis-inducing activity. Regular consumption of apples demonstrates a protective effect against skin, lung, prostrate, colon and breast cancer.

Apples are a great toothbrush – The fruit helps to clean your teeth and brush off plague and other teeth damaging compounds. They also help to neutralize acidic compounds that may disrupt tooth enamel.

Apples are also associated with weight loss and weight control. Eating an apple as a snack can help to keep you full and can help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and this will help you to avoid eating other less nutritious foods.