Forums Have Launched!

By: Chris

They’re here! As promised, we’ve got a new permanent home for your many discussions.

The forums are a great place for you to connect with other members of the community, and a place where you can find others to support you. Have you done a Reboot before? Share your experience with others! We believe community support is at the core of a successful Reboot!

If you are new to the community stop by our “Reboot Newbies” and introduce yourself!

Our forums are also the best place to get advice from some of our experts. Have a specific question about your Reboot? Stop by our “Ask The Nutritionist” forum!. Looking for a little life coaching?

We’re really excited with all the conversations we’ve seen within the community, in just over a week there have been over 1000 new posts to our forums – keep it up! We appreciate all the support you’ve showed us, and the time you’ve spent on this site! Thanks again for all of your feedback, and the support you show each other – you inspire us!

Since the launch of our new site just over 3 weeks ago, we’ve been continuing to build and improve based on YOUR input – so please keep the feedback coming!

Juice on!

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As Director of Technology and Digital Product Development, Chris is responsible for making sure our websites are working day to day, while also continuing to build our online community and products. He’s been as heavy as 250 lbs and as light as 150 lbs during his adult life. Through his dietary struggles, he’s learned that when he “eats good” he “feels good” and that Reboots often serve as the first step to a healthier path. He enjoys being inspired by the stories of our community members. His favorite juice is the Morning Green Glory, he simply can’t start his day without one! Follow him on twitter @definitiveturbo and

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