Five-Days Until Your Reboot


We are now only five days away from beginning the 3-Day Big new Year’s Reboot. Now is a good time to continue to cut caffeine consumption (we promise that will only make your transition easier), consume fresh juice, and drink plenty of water. Also, remember to remove all processed foods from your diet and start filling up on whole, natural foods that come straight from the earth.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind today:


1. Continue cutting caffeine consumption down to 2 cups (1/2 decaf), if you haven’t done so already.

2. If you live with your family or a roommate, have a heart-to-heart with them. Let them know you are preparing for a Reboot and explain what you’ll be doing. Ask for their support and see if they can pitch in, especially by cooking or reheating food for meals.

3. Preparing food for others when you’re not eating can be challenging. If you’re the only cook in your family, double batch and freeze what you make this week so that others can get meals ready on their own during the days that you’re not eating, or at least to lighten your load.

4. Drink a fresh juice! Find juice recipes at www.rebootwithJoe.com/recipes.

5. Remove alcohol.

6. Drink 64-72 oz.(2 litres) of water.

Juice on!