February Group Reboot – Day 5 Reflections

Congratulations February Rebooters – today is day 5! Great job to everyone and I sincerely hope you are feeling a sense of accomplishment, pride and experiencing fantastic physical and mental health.

Each time I Reboot I learn something new about my relationship with food and who I am as an eater. Being a nutritionist I think, talk and write about food all the time. But still, I am always surprised at what I discover while on a Reboot. Reflecting on the Reboot experience is helpful to uncover lessons learned or personal discovery and consider how to apply this in everyday life.

The Reboot is a time where we put ourselves into a more mindful eating space. Mindfulness is emerging as an important tool for stress reduction, immune support, healthy eating habits and relationship with food as well as health and wellness promotion. Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention, noticing or being purposefully aware of what is going on without making judgment. This is not an easy feat in our modern culture but with practice it can become the missing link between wanting to and being able to do healthy behaviors.

One thing I noticed while on this Reboot is how much I eat while cooking. I was surprised. Since I was the only one in my household Rebooting, it was a conscious process not to nibble on the food I was preparing for my family. It wasn’t that this was difficult or that it bothered me not to eat it, but it was so interesting to notice that I had to intentionally not do it. It is important to consider because extra eating while cooking can lead to unwanted weight gain, and eating while multi-tasking can reduce nutrient absorption by as much as 30-40%!

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We’d love to hear what you learned about yourself while on this reboot. Even if you plan to continue on past 5 days please share your personal discoveries so far!

Juice on!