Joe & FSND Are Coming to the UK!

From July 1st through July 10th, Joe will be in the UK for the launch of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead! To celebrate, we’re hosting an exclusive UK giveaway including: DVDs of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, tickets to the London red carpet premiere on July 3rd and even a Sage juicer (Note: If you want to use the juicer Joe used in the movie, it’s made by the Sage people in the UK.  Breville UK/Europe is a totally different company and product.)

Don’t miss…
1.) Joe on Channel 5’s “The Wright Stuff” on the morning of July 5th between 8 and 11am.
2.) A special one hour version of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead will be premiering on Channel 5 on Wednesday, July 10th at 8:00 pm. And the movie will be played in full on the following Saturday afternoon at 4:50PM.
3.) You can also find Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead on iTunes and Amazon!

Big congratulations to our winners of the UK giveaway!

Sage Juicer Winner + pair of tickets to the premier:  Keelie Poulter

9 pairs of tickets to premier:
Tara Graham
Paul Argent
Caroline Jones
Donna Lawton
Elaine Hilides
Susan Vinten
Kerry Mullin
Adam Galache-Brown

20 Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead DVD’s:
Suzy Gow
Monika Mroz
Janette Bryant
Karen McMinn
Gillian Adams
Marion Walshe
Shelly Custer
Stella Mtawali
Suzanne Smith
Alastair Dunn
Tora Cullip
Helen Barker
Elisha Tate
Julie Carey-Downes
Kathy Soulsby
Halima  Khatun
Christina Bulpett
Peter  Wright
Sally Newton
Helen Crawford