FAQ – How Much Should I Drink? Eat?

Q: How much fluid do I need to drink while on the Reboot?

A: Plan to drink about 4-6 glasses, 16-20 ounces each of fresh juice daily in addition to eating fruits and vegetables. You will need to add extra fluid to meet your hydration needs. Anything without caffeine or alcohol counts as hydrating fluid so in addition to the fresh juice you can consider adding herbal teas, ginger root with lemon tea, filtered water or coconut water. For most, it is advised to add about 64 ounces of fluid beyond the fresh juice you are drinking.

Q: How many times a day should I eat during my Reboot?

A: The idea of the Reboot is to get in touch with your inner hunger and satisfaction cues and eat ad lib – in other words, as much as you want. What a nice shift from restrictive diet plans many of us have followed! Because you’re taking in healthy fruits and vegetables (more veggies than fruits), which are packed with fiber and nutrients, you can eat a lot more volume with much less calories.