Elizaveta drops six dress sizes & starts juicing community

Elizaveta Ioussoupova, a busy mom to an autistic child and owner and sole practitioner in her thriving law practice, was working out and trying to lose weight with little progress. Her foot would swell up and doctors couldn’t figure out why. She had been on thyroid medication for 8 years, and was feeling less than her best self. After seeing Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, she signed up for the 60 Day Guided Reboot for Thyroid. While she reached her weight loss goals, she gained even more in soaring confidence and energy to thrive at work and as a mom.



  • I lost 15 pounds*
  • Eyebrows are thicker*
  • Hair is growing faster*
  • I’ve dropped several dress sizes*
  • My confidence is soaring
  • I don’t hide behind my kids in photos anymore
  • I cleared out old clutter
  • I’ve inspired others to start juicing

Why I Rebooted: To lose weight more easily with my thyroid condition.

I am a 39-year-old lawyer, wife and mother. I’ve been on thyroid medication for at least 8 years.

A few years ago, my foot swelled up overnight. Thinking that it was a blood clot, I went to the emergency room.

Doctors ran tests, and I was referred to a vascular specialist, who in turn ordered more tests. No one could find a reason for my foot swelling. I could not wear my regular size shoes anymore. I could only fit into shoes that were a couple sizes larger, which was very inconvenient and did not look great. Disappointed with the doctors’ answers, I started to look into other options to help me feel better.

After several months of hard work at a gym with a trainer, I lost about 9 or 10 pounds, but it was barely noticeable.

Joe’s movie inspired my change

I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and I bought the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet. I tried to Reboot by myself, but I failed.

I decided that I needed a professional support and invested in the 60-Day Guided Reboot for Thyroid.

Rebooting while my family ate was hard at first

The Reboot was definitely a challenge because my son is only 5, and he loves sweets, chips, and French fries. He has autism, so his diet is very limited.

My husband is a great cook, and we always have great meals. But with their support and understanding, I did it.

I could not do just juice, so I had some salads and soup, and a bit of veggies every day. Occasionally I ate some chips and fries from my kid, but most of the time I followed the program.

I took my juices on the road

I would take my juicer with me on vacation. We drove from Winnipeg to Detroit Lakes, and Duluth in the States. I would juice at hotels when I could, or buy juices at local stores.

Thanks to my patient husband, we made it through this long fun journey to Duluth and back. I had to stop almost at every bathroom available on our way!

I was thrilled at my weight loss

The most shocking thing was that in less than a week, I was able to get into the jeans that I could not zip for about 12 years. This gave me more energy and motivation to stick with the Reboot.

After that, I lost about 15 pounds*—they were just flying off. I went from a size 12 to 6 in about a month.*

My hair seemed to become thicker and fuller*

While I was losing my weight, my eyebrows got fuller, my hair grew faster and overall I think I feel and look better than I did for the last 6 years.

Also, my foot barely swells now, and never like it used to.*

Rebooting helped me improve at work and home

I feel more confident, and my approach to my law practice and marketing has improved. I feel more active as a mother.

I started to enjoy once again taking pictures of myself and proudly posting them on social media, and I don’t need to use the kids as human shield to ensure that no one can see my voluptuous figure.

I decluttered my whole life

I had an urge to donate old stuff. And not only the clothes that became too big, but also other personal items that I would not use.

The next natural step for me was to watch The Minimalist on Netflix. Then I joined several groups on Facebook about minimalistic life style, and now I am on my way of becoming a minimalist.

My changes start to inspire others

Now almost every day I have a juice or two. I regularly post about juicing on my page and share information from rebootwithjoe.com.

I am very involved in the Russian speaking community in Manitoba. I am one of three Russian-speaking lawyers here. My clients were shocked to see the changes.

I have inspired restaurant owners to juice, and now they are thinking of having fresh juice in their menu.

I support others in my “Legally Juiced” group

I started a Facebook group called “Legally Juiced,” as I think people on my private Facebook page were getting tired of my constant posting of juice and Joe Cross ☺

Since I was getting more and more questions and compliments from my clients and friends, I thought it would be easier to have a bilingual group where we can support each other, and of course I refer to your website.

I am also on board of director for an agency helping with adults with autism. One of my goals this summer to connect with a farmer’s market and have a fundraiser by arranging a big juicing event.

My only dream now is that you can create a menu for autistic kids, with the understanding of all their peculiarities.

I’ve become a “model” and juicing spokesperson

I’ve been helping fashion boutique Jacques Vert get the word out about their elegant clothing line. They’ve featured me as one of their models for their petite Spring-Summer 2017 collection. You can see some of my “glamour shots” here. 🙂

We’re having a fashion and juicing party in May 2017. I’m going to be the keynote speaker and I will be sharing more about my Reboot success and Reboot with Joe!

What I wish I knew about the Reboot so I would have started sooner…

I wish I enrolled in the Guided Reboot program two years earlier. Perhaps my issue with my foot would not exist. I have a bit of swelling once in a while during certain time of a month and I still don’t have any answers from my doctors.

When I did my Reboot, I often made my juices at night so that I would have everything I needed the next day. This was a big help to have the juices ready to drink the next day. It was an adventure for the entire family. I’m going to attempt another Reboot this summer.

What I would tell someone who was thinking about doing a Reboot

I wish people were more open about their success/failure so others could learn. If someone wants to change the way they look or feel they have to do it NOW.

I am aware of many single parents who might think that they cannot afford a Guided Reboot. But their children cannot afford sick, tired or dead parents, so parents should think of it as an investment for their children.

The Guided Reboot is very educational and amazing experience, you have a chance to chat with people from different countries and share your story with them.

Don’t let your friends discourage you, many say that all easily lost pounds will come back very fast and will double. Yes, they might come back.

But the moment you can get into your jeans that you were not able to wear for over 10 years is the most gratifying moment during the Reboot. At that moment you forget about all the work you put into preparing the veggies, juicing and cleaning afterwards, all those steps become enjoyable once you know and experience the results you can achieve with that JUICER!

My juicer has the best spot in the kitchen! It is the queen of the kitchen!