Edible Skincare: Give the Gift of Relaxation

The holiday season can be hectic. So why not, instead of gifting loved ones another scarf, give them a gift that really counts. Give them the gift of relaxation and self-care.

Self-care is something many of us need a reminder to practice. It is especially easy to forget during this chaotic holiday season. So create a care-package that will encourage those you love to spend some time showing their own mind and bodies some love. Did I mention that it’s even easier (and more affordable) than you might think?

The Lavender Epsom Salt Bath Soak is the perfect way to de-stress in a warm and luxurious bath, filled with aromatic oils and relaxing minerals to melt away those holiday tensions.

Epsom salt is a naturally high source of magnesium which is known as nature’s relaxation mineral. It works in the body to help relieve muscles, joints and even moods from any cramps, tightness, tenseness or irritability. Magnesium is a key player in over 300 enzyme reactions and is found in all of your tissues, most significantly in your bones, muscles and brain.

Many Americans may be magnesium deficient. Many of our daily habits rid our bodies of this prized relaxation mineral, such as excess alcohol, salt, coffee, chronic stress and antibiotic use. Not to mention a magnesium-deficient diet, lacking in nuts, greens, avocado, kelp and millet to name a few. Luckily, the body is able to absorb magnesium through our skin; which makes an Epsom salt a terrific source of magnesium!

Lavender Epsom Salt Bath Soak


  • 2 cups (500 g) Epsom salt
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1 16-20 oz glass jar or mason jar


  1. Wash and dry glass jar.
  2. In a medium bowl, combine Epsom salt with lavender essential oil and combine.
  3. Pour into glass jar and seal.
  4. Tie with a bow, write a heartfelt card and voila! The gift of self-care!

**Want more? Pair with a small candle and add in a homemade jar of Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub for a full-spa treatment.