Edible Skincare: 5-Minute Cucumber Cooler

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to connect with friends, family and enjoy our time together. However, much of that enjoyment is done around an overflowing table of holiday eats. Between the turkey, the gravy, Aunt Julie’s famous sweet potato pie and all the other crave worthy dishes, the holidays can leave us feeling a little lackluster.

Our skin is, many times, the most notable telltale sign that a holiday meal has been had. Remedy that holiday hangover with this quick 5-minute Cucumber Towelette to Reboot your skin!

Cucumbers are Mother Nature’s secret spa ingredient. Packed with powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, cucumbers literally “cool” the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes in our skin. This action reduces redness, puffiness and promotes an all-over soothing sensation. Antioxidants in cucumbers, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, protect and heal skin from aggravating compounds. Another notable antioxidant family found in cucumbers, the flavonoids, are believed to lessen histamine release, which help to reduce irritation or allergic reactions that aggravate skin. Cucumbers promote cool, calm and rejuvenated skin, to remedy even the most hectic of holidays.

1 organic cucumber, washed 

1. Juice 1 cucumber. Place juice in an airtight container in the refrigerator to cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Submerge 1 paper towel into the cucumber juice.

3. Find a calm, quiet place to lie down with a pillow to support your head. Place a towel over your pillow, as the towelette may drip. Place the cool cucumber towelette over face, gently press towelette to contour face and eyes.

4. Relax, breath deeply and take 5-minutes for yourself.

After your holiday celebrations, chill out with this 5-minute Cucumber Face Towelette and Reboot your skin!