Donnie R. Shocks Doc with Amazing Reboot Results – Reboot Profile


After watching the film, I thought about it for a few weeks.

First of all, I had to make sure it was affordable and I felt it was. Then I called my doctor and told her that I wanted to do a raw food diet and juice. She basically had no idea what I was talking about and suggested that I not do it. I felt I had nothing to lose (except pounds) and everything to gain, so I started.

Right away my weight loss was 10 to 13 pounds a week and one week I lost almost 20 pounds. When I had my regular 6 month check up, I had lost 81 pounds in just under 3 months! It blew my doctor’s socks off! She told me that if she had not known my history of the last two years being a type 2 diabetic, that she would have never guessed by my lab results. That response was worth a million bucks!!

I am now eating fresh fruits and vegetables, some cooked and some not, along with nuts & seeds. Not eating any dairy or animal products. I make a juice several times a week in conjunction with my diet now.

I cannot even begin to tell you all how I feel, to be able to ride a bicycle as much as 24 miles in a single outing at least three times a week, and as much as 12 miles every day of the week. I feel the sky is the limit!

My story does not end here, it is an ongoing story.