David Shocks His Physician With His Health Results

David Zeleznik got his health wake-up call when he went in for a routine physical and his doctor recommended a prescription to lower his cholesterol. He knew what was possible from watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead a couple of years ago. At his own health crossroads, he decided to reclaim his health by Rebooting for 30 days. His transformation has inspired 3 other people to Reboot and revitalize their well-being.




  • I’ve lost 45 pounds in 30 days*
  • My cholesterol levels improved*
  • My blood pressure numbers are lower*
  • I feel well rested and sleep better
  • My aches and pains have decreased*
  • My wife joined me on a healthier path—and she lost
  • I’ve inspired two other people to try a Reboot

Why I Rebooted: To manage my high cholesterol

I learned about Rebooting through Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I saw the movie for the first time a couple of years ago. But I didn’t consider trying it until I got a warning from my doctor.

A few months ago, I had a physical exam and my cholesterol was 269 and triglycerides were 245, and my LDL cholesterol was 172. My doctor wanted me to start on medication right away. Instead, I said, “No, I will try to do something to change my health.”

She agreed and said she would retest my levels in a few months.

It took a while for me to get started

I did not immediately take action just out of old habit. I guess I just continued to procrastinate until I knew I had to take action.

The pivotal moment came May 1st, when I was at home thinking about how to get myself into better shape. I was thinking of this primarily for the reason of needing to get my lipids rechecked, but also because my wife and I are due in Italy for a vacation with our whole family in a few weeks.

I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead again, and I decided to Reboot for 30 days.

When I told my wife of my plan, she immediately said she would do it with me. We already owned a juicer, so May 2nd we went to the store and bought the produce, and cleaned out all junk from our refrigerator and started the Reboot.

I had no idea I would lose weight so quickly*

I was not expecting to lose 45 lbs in 30 days.* I am 6′ tall, and now I weigh 211 lbs.

I kept a calendar on the bathroom wall, and my wife and I weighed everyday. I know what others say about not weighing, but I wanted to track how the weight was coming off, and to keep the calendar page to remind us of the journey we made together.

My blood work numbers were also a big surprise

My doctor was shocked. She called to tell me my results were amazing. My total cholesterol is now 163, triglycerides are 99, and LDL is 96.

I was also as shocked as my doctor was about the lipid recheck. I thought my cholesterol would come down, but I did not expect such a drastic change. My numbers are now well below what is considered the healthy minimum threshold of 200.

Aside from the weight loss and cholesterol reduction, my blood pressure, which was borderline high, is now about 115/72.

I sleep better, and many aches and pains are greatly diminished.

Juicing is part of my life now

I have reformed my knowledge about how to eat and am looking forward to keeping the juicing as a part of my diet from now on, as I really enjoy many different juice recipes.

I am not a picky eater so I can drink just about any vegetable juice, and don’t find it hard to avoid too much fruit juice.

What I wish I knew so that I would have started sooner

I thought it would be much harder to do 30 days. It was hard, but I feel that you have to get to the point where you decide enough is enough and take action.

Once you have the inner drive, and I mean a real desire for change, and you want to do it for yourself, it is not hard. I kept telling myself that it is only 30 days.

My transformation has had a ripple effect

My Reboot has already moved two people I know, not including my wife. They have both started their Reboot at the beginning of this week. One of them bought the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet recipe book.

If you were thinking about doing a Reboot, this is what I’d say to you…

It is very hard to dismiss real results. Having my doctor confirm that my blood work was “amazing” confirmed that I made the right decision, and I hope that would encourage anyone.

People need to be educated that cholesterol, blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes is very controllable or reversible based on your diet. Bottom line: you must decide you want the change.

Having spouses doing this together really helps you get through it. If someone doesn’t have that, then I think they need to rely on support through the blogs to get through it.

Research it. Fasting works and truly reboots your life in so many ways.

Please do your health a favor. Try this, and stick with it.