Colorful Coconut Juice

This super summer juice is light, tasty and packed with electrolytes. The coconut water added to the juice is not only a great way to mask the taste of coconut water for anyone who does not usually enjoy it, but it’s also a great way to add extra electrolyte-rich volume to any juice.

Coconut water is packed with important electrolytes sodium and potassium that help to regulate hydration in addition to playing important roles in other key functions in the body. In the hot summer heat, electrolytes may be lost through sweat with activity, so this juice can plan an important role in helping to replenish those lost. In addition to the coconut water, celery is packed with natural sodium while carrots and cucumbers are loaded with naturally-occurring potassium so together they add to the electrolytes already provided by the coconut water.

A major concern for athletes in the summertime is hydration and proper electrolyte restoration while exercising. Coconut water alone is rich in electrolytes, but not a significant source of carbohydrates that are needed for athletes. Though this juice does not provide all the carbohydrates that a sports drink may provide, it does offer more carbohydrates given the carrots and apricot. To boost carbohydrates, athletes or those who partake in longer-distance exercise bouts could add sweet potato or another fruit to this recipe to boost the carbohydrate content and drink in addition to their usual routine.

For those who want to enjoy this juice as a nice refreshing summer beverage, drink it as it is or to mix it up add extra lime or lemon for a zestier taste.


  • 1 cucumber
  • 4 medium carrots
  • 1 apricot
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 in (2.5 cm) piece of ginger
  • 8 oz (250 ml) plain, unflavored coconut water


  1. Wash all ingredients well.
  2. Add produce through juicer.
  3. Combine juice with coconut water and enjoy!

Servings: 1

Serving Size: 16 - 18 oz (500 ml)