Celebrate Your Success

Have you ever realized that being successful (at any number of things) can sometimes bring with it new challenges? It can be hard enough to accomplish the lofty goals we often set for ourselves, so why can’t we celebrate our achievements when we do get there? At Team Reboot, we particularly like this article from HuffPost-Healthy Living because it focuses on just this point!

When doing a Reboot, you are dedicating a lot of time and energy into your health – so when you see improvements, however big or small, we hope you can take pride and feel good about them. This article serves as a good reminder that it is not only OK to be doing well, but that it should be celebrated.

It’s Okay for Things to Go Well

By: Mike Robbins for HuffPost Healthy Living

How do you feel when things go well for you? If you’re anything like me, you may have some mixed feelings about it, as odd as that seems. While I do love it when things go well and when I’m feeling good, I also notice that sometimes it poses certain challenges for me as well.