Camp Reboot Changed My Life

Last year’s Camp Reboot winner, Lou Bell, shares his personal experience on how Camp Reboot Changed his life…

I did not hear about Camp Reboot until I saw that my awesome sister, Leah Gray, had nominated me for the chance to win the scholarship to be there.

If I would have had the funds to go on my own without this awesome scholarship I would have gone just to have the chance to meet Joe Cross and get to hear his story in person. Plus this camp seemed like an awesome way to finally learn how to change my life not just how to learn about a diet. Joe’s movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead moves me to tears every time and seeing what a Reboot had done for Joe and Phil I had to try it and what better way to learn then with the actual people in person.

Going to Camp Reboot has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in a very long time. It has given me a purpose and a new drive in my life. Meeting the amazing new friends and family I now have that I can call on whenever I am weak. There are not enough words to explain the feelings I have. I am tearing up as I sit here typing this. The juices were awesome, Omega was beautiful and just wonderful. And one got a good work out just walking around to the many different activities that one could do. I hope to be able to go back to Camp over and over again to help the many people who need help just like I do.

To this day I still rely on my coach and fellow Camp Reboot family, that short week has helped build an amazing bond between so many people across this country. We are building a juicing empire full of love and support. Out of camp have popped up so many help pages on Facebook and many other areas, and we are all getting stronger and healthier due to the bonding that started at Camp Reboot.

For me the greatest physical things that have happened is I have lost just about 100 pounds in about six months. And because of this I have walked in more races and have even completed a half marathon. It is so much easier to do my job and to just get around. Also it has helped heal up nerve damage that was done on my left side that was caused from an operation that was done 11 years ago, and I never thought this damage would ever heal up.

I think the best part of camp for me has been the friendships that were made and keep going strong to this day. And someone else making the juices was pretty awesome too!!

The hardest part of camp was dealing with my broken shoulder, and also being there and hearing some of the amazing stories really made me take a hard look at myself and make me wake up and put my life into gear and get things done, because up till then I had given up and really did not care what would happen to me. Camp made me find purpose and it gave me the drive to achieve that purpose.

Well the juicing part is still very much a part of my life and also changing my lifestyle in picking better foods to eat. But the emotional side is much better too since camp. I am much better at meditation and relaxing and taking care of the soul.

For me the lasting impression was seeing all those faces who were inspired by my story that helped them move forward and start to do something with their life. That helped me understand how public my story has become and how I really wanted to help each one of them. Also when the staff said were never going to leave your side, they have not. They continue to stand by each and every one of us and keep us going and strong. 

I cannot begin to thank all the people who voted and saw something in me that made them vote each and every day for a long time to get me into the top five. I am touched every day when I get a tweet or facebook message that says “awesome, I want to do what you’re doing.” I love helping people from just helping myself. And now I am working on trying to form a company to help others get going on juicing and show them that you can win back your life. I fight hard each and every day because of the chance I had to attend Camp Reboot.

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