Brian Wansink is Coming to Camp Reboot!

I am so excited about the guest speakers we have coming to Camp Reboot this year. A couple weeks ago, we confirmed Brian Wansink! 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Brian and interview him a few months ago for my next film. In the short time we had together, I learned so much about the relationship we have with food, and I can’t wait for our Camp Rebooters to hear him speak. 

Brian wrote a popular book called, Mindless Eating. It is full of riveting examples of studies done on our behavior with food. Some of these examples will actually shock you. Brian breaks it down for us by proving there is real science behind this relationship and he shares his insights on how to best manage it to keep you healthy.  It’s an excellent resource for anyone struggling with food addictions, weight issues, etc. and I highly recommend it!

Let’s look at a few takeaways that stood out in my mind when I read his book:
Mindless Margin: Brian introduces the idea that most people can’t tell if they’ve eaten 200-300 more or less calories in one day. He calls this the mindless margin, or the zone in which we can slightly under eat or slightly overeat without being aware of it. In the book he offers a few simple tricks that can help you eat at the low end of that margin, which will help you mindlessly eat less, and result in weight loss or maintenance of a healthy weight.

Eat Food in Clear Bowls: According to Brian (and I completely agree!), food in clear bowls is more likely to be eaten. When you see the food in the bowl, you’re faced with a decision (even a subconscious one) about whether or not to eat it every time you see it.  So instead of using a glass bowl as a candy dish, use it as a fruit bowl and you’ll be more likely to eat the fruit. Stash the candy away in a cabinet, where it’s out of sight and out of mind, or better yet, get rid of it all together so the temptation isn’t there.

Comfort Food:  This is interesting. Men and women have many differences but I thought this was interesting to hear that men associate comfort food with savory, hearty meals like stews and soups because it equates to being taken care of, while women associate comfort food with chocolate and ice cream because it represents no work required and is essentially “time off”. Brian helps to explain how you can select healthier comfort foods to keep unnecessary calories and unhealthy foods out of your diet. But that’s not to say you can never have a bowl of chocolate ice cream on occasion! 

I like Brian’s approach because it makes our relationship to food tangible, and easy to understand. Some people try to test themselves on willpower – but if you rely on willpower to make healthy choices, especially if you haven’t been very successful making healthy choices in the past, then you are making it much harder on yourself. Setting up your environment for success will help you on your weight loss journey.

I hope you’ll join me and Brian at Camp Reboot this year…there is so much to learn to help you set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle and we will be sharing loads of it during the week.

Register today if you haven’t done so already! 

See you there Rebooters! 
Joe Cross