Tim’s Hypertension is in Remission


Tim’s back and hip issues had him on disability, and he was gaining weight. He had watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead with his wife, and was inspired by Joe’s dramatic health improvement after his Reboot. Fed up with being sick and tired, Tim finally bought his juicer, followed recipes from the blog, and watched […]

Heman leads an Island Reboot


Heman lives and works on the beautiful island of St. Martin, in one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the Caribbean. This tourist paradise is filled with tasty eateries that don’t always offer the healthiest fare. With many nights out with friends enjoying pizzas, pasta, fried foods, and evenings spent binge-watching TV shows and […]

Mary Transforms Life with Mean Green

Mary Reboot weight loss success

Despite being a strict vegan for 30 years, Mary Elsener was grossly overweight. When she turned 61, she knew she had a choice to make: continue down the unhealthy path she’d been on for years and risk developing serious chronic conditions, or reclaim her health and enjoy the next phase of life without medications. Fat, […]

David Shocks His Physician With His Health Results

David Weight Loss Success

David Zeleznik got his health wake-up call when he went in for a routine physical and his doctor recommended a prescription to lower his cholesterol. He knew what was possible from watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead a couple of years ago. At his own health crossroads, he decided to reclaim his health by Rebooting […]

Minister drops 5 pant sizes & preaches new gospel


Michael Belcher was overweight and had joint issues. When his doctor warned that his eating habits had him heading toward pre-diabetes, he knew something had to change. After watching both of Joe’s movies, he committed to a 30-Day Guided Reboot. Not only did he lose over 70 pounds (and counting)*, he discovered a new passion—to […]

Stacy no longer controlled by sugar cravings

stacy stone 60 day Guided Reboot success story

Stacy Stone knew she needed to make a big, healthier shift after she sold her company and started a new one. The overwhelming levels of stress triggered more and more frequent overeating. When Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead showed up on her doorstep, she had that lightbulb moment that there was a better path she […]

Juice and The Art of Health

Reboot Juicing Certification Success Story

No Mi and Dawa Raphael Che are a creative couple and contemporary circus duo that are passionate about rock climbing, healthy living, and performing arts. As their passion for healthy living expanded, they went to China to study and become certified in qigong, meditation, and nutritional cleansing. Inspired by the Reboot with Joe community, they […]

The Bugs Bunny & Popeye Love Child Juice


No Mi and Dawa Raphael Che are a creative couple and contemporary circus duo who own a healing practice in Melbourne, Australia called Wobbly Spoon. They support people through qi gong and meditation classes, nutrition and detox programs, self-healing retreats, massage, essential oils, art therapy and circus. The couple are also graduates of the Reboot […]