A Guide To Growing Super Foods

Super foods are foods that are higher in nutrients per calorie than other foods and are blessed with scientifically proven health benefits. The list of “super foods” gets longer and more exotic every day – Peruvian maca maca fruit, Chinese hemp seeds, Tibetan gogi berries, acai and camu camu berries, amaranth and quinoa. These items […]

Tips for Sowing Vegetable Seeds in Your Kitchen Garden

The easiest way to grow vegetables is to plant seeds directly into the ground. Some vegetables such as beans, cucumbers, radishes, melons and squash mature within a typical growing season and don’t transplant well and hence should always be planted directly in the ground as soon as the soil reaches a temperature of roughly 60 […]

How To Grow Cucumbers

Cucumbers are one of my favorite crops. They come in a variety of textures, tastes and colors, and they’re 90% water; hence, not fattening. Contrary to popular belief, cucumbers are a fruit, related to muskmelons, and not a vegetable. When I think of cucumbers, I think not only of English people eating thin, sometimes soggy, […]

Starting Seeds Indoors – part 2 of 2

When they germinate, seedlings emerge with one or two embryonic leaves called cotyledons. Then they put on their first post-embryonic leaves, known as “true leaves,” and that is when I deliver my transplants into the hands of the transplant nanny – a large grow light in my laundry room. A fan keeps the nursery fresh, […]