Could Reverse Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

We’ve all heard of intermittent fasting but what’s reverse fasting? Just in case you haven’t heard of intermittent fasting here’s the heads up! Intermittent fasting (IF) is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Humans have evolved to function well when food is not available, which really is more natural then […]

Could You Be Sensitive to Carbohydrates?

As a practicing clinician, I often see people who are carbohydrate sensitive or intolerant. Carbohydrate intolerance is when the small intestine has trouble processing carbohydrate (which includes sugars and starches) into a source of energy for the body. Many times, it happens because of a deficiency or decline in the enzymes needed for digestion. People […]

Trending: The New Vegan Milk on the Block

Oat milk is popping up everywhere and is a delicious alternative to dairy, soy and nut milks. The drink is making its way into coffee shops, cafes and recipes due to its natural, creamy texture and tastes great in matcha lattes and coffee and espresso drinks. Homemade oat milk is an easy and inexpensive alternative […]

A Homemade Tonic To Prevent Colds & Flu

Nature has provided us with many ingredients that have potent anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. You can make your own herbal, cider and spice concoctions that are easy, inexpensive and work toward keeping you out of bed this winter. Fire Cider is an easy recipe that can help protect you from the winter sniffles and will […]

Fall in Love With Apple Juice

Apples are one of those simple, seasonal foods that often get overlooked. They are mostly known for offering a little sweetness to a green juice, but they have so many health benefits too. Apple juice retains many of the key nutrients of apples, including vitamin C, B vitamins, as well as some magnesium, iron, calcium, […]

Melo Lime Juice

This is a light, simple and delicious juice to enjoy. Honeydew melon is high in potassium, which is an important electrolyte for heart health, healthy bones, energy and the nervous system. It’s also a great source of potassium. This juice is high in vitamin C due to the honeydew and the limes, which supports immunity, […]