How Much Juice Should You Drink on a Reboot?

G’Day Rebooters! Here’s the next Ask Joe Anything segment (it’s the last one I’ll be filming in Sydney for a while, next stop is the US!). Not sure what Ask Joe Anything is? It’s a weekly series where I post a video to answer your questions. They can be about juicing, Rebooting, eating plants, my personal life, anything! You can submit either by leaving your question in the comments below or including the #AskJoeAnything tag on my FacebookTwitter (@JoeTheJuicer or @RebootWithJoe) or my Instagram account @JoeTheJuicer.

You can see what questions I’ve already answered in the past four weeks. For this week’s you can watch the video for my full descriptions or simply read the written answers below.


  1. Joe, about how much juice were you drinking a day? I’m drinking about six, but I often wonder if that is too much or not enough?
    During my 60 day Reboot I actually did mix it up a bit. I would say that I had six 20 – 24 ounce juices per day on average. There were some days that I had only three  and other days I’d have about seven or eight depending on the amount of energy I was putting out there. My rule of thumb is, if you’re on a Reboot and its’a long one, then you have to listen to your body and find out whether or not you’re getting enough fuel into the body. We also want to see a lot of water being consumed there as well.
  2. Don’t you get tired of traveling so much?
    I definitely get tired of traveling too much but like most people, the grass is always greener. So while I have this incredible life of traveling, being around the world and spending all of this time meeting  incredible people and being in beautiful cities, a lot of people would love to do that. And I look at the routine that some people have and I think wow how lucky are you that you have a gym in your building , that you go to work and get there at that time and go home at that time, it’s sort of a flip. I don’t think about it from a point of view that I’m tired. I think about it in a way of that’s what I do. And I think like most things in life, I’ve chosen this. While yes I get tired as in tired physically, I don’t get tired of the traveling. I just consider myself very lucky.
  3. How should I wean off my 30 Day Reboot without gaining any weight back? Is there any good plan to eat raw food after and for how long? I don’t want to get back to my old habits.
    Remember I did 60 days of juice and then I did 90 days of just eating plants. So I think if you are going to do a 30 Reboot you’ve got to give your body some time [after the Reboot] for eating, chewing and preparing — instead of just juice now start eating AND juicing it. Everybody is different and there is no rule of thumb but what I’m learning is that some people can go back and have that one piece of chocolate and others can’t –It’s like a trigger. As soon as they have it they are gone. From a plan point of view, don’t think of a 30 Day Reboot as a 30 Day Plan, think of it as a plan to kick start the rest of your life and try and get some rules and discipline in place.