Is Caffeine Okay on a Reboot?

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1. How important is no coffee/caffeine?
Basically the primary purposes of a Reboot is to give your body a break. When you drink coffee (one coffee a day is probably not going to do you a lot of damage) but while you are on Reboot, the compounds in the coffee must be processed through your liver and it’s a fair bit of work to metabolize those compounds. Therefore it’s going to be more taxing on the body. So we suggest giving the caffeine up while doing the Reboot. Learn more about why our Reboot nutritionists advise on staying away from caffeine and coffee during a Reboot.

2. I juiced for 20 days and lost 23 lbs. but by week 3 I wasn’t feeling well, i.e. anxiety and very dry mouth. I went of the fast and slow but sure returned to my old eating habits (binges) and gained most of the weight back. I’ve tried to get back on juicing but it’s harder than before. Any suggestions? I need help!
The bottom line is that doing a Reboot and just juicing is not like the magic pill that’s just going to fix everything. What it’s designed for and why we call it a Reboot is to get you excited about getting back on to eating fruits and vegetables. After week 3 of not feeling good surprises me so I wonder if you were getting enough juice, enough rest and if there were other factors that were going on. But now that you’ve come off [the Reboot], the idea is not just that you are done and it’s over, it’s what can we do to increase our plant intake. I always advise and suggest to people that we need to keep on juicing, keep on making smoothies and add more plant food to our day. Here are 9 Tips to help you get back on track after overeating.

3. Joe, I would love to know how you arrived at the idea that juicing would help you. Did you research health and nutrition to develop a plan or did you just jump in the deep end and wing it? I know you had a physician monitoring your health as you proceeded. How much input did your doctor have in planning? And thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed your films.
I didn’t know it was going to help me. To me I was trying to finding a solution using logic — and the logic was that I needed more plants when I wasn’t having any. We’ve been around for forever and a day with plants and they were our best friends and I turned my back on them. Second, I had all this extra weight — I had 100 pounds more than I should be carrying — and I was trying to work out a way to lose that. I figured I was only carrying that weight because my body was trying to protect me and save it up for a lean time and that’s where the idea of not eating came from. But I didn’t think that just drinking water for the whole time was healthy, so the idea then struck me that there’s a ton of water harnessed in these plants and what if I drank the water that’s been filtered through plants. And that’s really what juicing is — drinking water that’s been filtered through plants.

So that’s what I did — a period of time that was going to be 40 days but I moved on to 60 days and I said this is something I can do and we got a doctor on board and he monitored me. Really the doc didn’t have any input at all — I planned it all and then found Joel Fuhrman and I said this is what I’m doing, will you monitor me? It was fantastic. He advised me that I needed to get tested and we went overboard in that way — I got tested every 10 days. I had blood tests done and tested my  electrolytes since you aren’t getting much salt while juicing so needed to keep those monitored.