Joe’s Favorite City (Maybe it’s near you!)

G’day guys, it’s a beautiful day here in Leeds. I’m in the UK for the Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged Book Tour. If you keep up with me on social media, you know I travel A LOT. And it’s appropriate that I’m on the road right now because this week’s Ask Joe Anything asks a personal question about my adventures. I enjoy answering these kind of questions because I get to share a little bit more about myself with you…I don’t always talk about how much I love fruits and vegetables! Take a look at the question and answer in our Ask Joe Anything video below. If you have a question for me, make sure to share it in the comment section below or ask me on social media using #AskJoeAnything. If you’ve missed the previous Ask Joe Anything series, you can check out the questions I’ve already covered in the past twelve weeks.


Joe, you travel so much and I know Australia is your home, but what is your favorite place or city to visit in the world and why?

Here’s the deal, I’m always extremely happy wherever I am. I love being healthy, I love being alive, I love visiting new places and checking out what’s going on, and talking to people, I love that. So, it’s a tough question but I’m going to go out and say there are two answers.

1. For business and for work and for when I’m in a city environment, it’s hard to get past New York. I love that city. I love the action, the community, the village-ness, I love the people. It’s a melting pot and so New York is by far my favorite city.

2. Now if we’re talking about a vacation or a city not to work in but to just hang out, explore and get lost in, then Paris is my city for that. I just think paris is one of those places where you can just go out and walk and explore forever.


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