Angie’s Story: The Beginner’s Secret Weapons for Exercising on a Reboot

I remember my very first juice fast. On day 1 I felt like a train hit me. I stayed in bed all day with the covers over my head, only getting up to drink my juice. Day 2 was a little better. And when I say better I mean I was able to sit upright a bit in between naps.

I was very fortunate to have completed my first juice fast at the We Care Holistic Health Spa in Palm Desert. I had tons of support and lovely staff that made the juices for me, which was good because I had no idea what I was doing and my mind was very fuzzy. That’s why I love that Joe is hosting Camp Reboot this summer – to give people the chance to complete a Reboot in a similar setting that I completed mine. The consistent support and guidance was what gave me my success.

During the fast, the staff encouraged me to MOVE MY BODY, even if it was just a little. They offered yoga and exercise classes but I just didn’t feel up to it. I learned that you can detox faster and deeper if your lymphatic system is moving and the only way to make that happen is to MOVE THE BODY!

I really never cared for exercise even when I wasn’t fasting but I was especially resistant during a fast…of course that has all changed now. When I was first starting out it was really a struggle to get moving during a Reboot. As a beginner I found two secret weapons…two great no/low impact ways to get the body moving even when feeling lethargic.

1.)    The Chi Machine!
It does all the work for you. It really does not get better than that! You lay on the floor with your ankles in the machine and turn it on. The machine swings your body in a fishtail like motion. Not only does it get your circulation moving it also is helpful with muscle tightness. The first time I used it, I had not exercised in ages and I had a very sedentary lifestyle. I avoided anything that involved sweating. I put my ankles in the machine, turned it on and within 2 minutes my legs started itching like crazy. The itching was caused by the increased blood flow and subsided after my body got used to the increase in movement. Now I use the Chi Machine everyday during a fast, I’ve also found it’s also a great warm up for other sorts of exercise and can release tension in the lower back.

2.)    The Mighty Rebounder Trampoline!
If you bounce for only two minutes on a rebounder trampoline you can flush the entire lymphatic system which will boost your overall immunity and make you feel happier. I’ve found it’s almost impossible to bounce and feel sad at the same time. Ideally you want to bounce for 2 minutes every hour. I found that the rebounder can be a unique and fun way to deepen your detox and offers a low impact way to get moving even when you are on a Reboot.

What’s your favorite way to get moving during a Reboot? Which secret weapon would you be most likely to try? Please let me know in comments section below.