All About Community


Community (n.) : A unified body of individuals (merriam-webster)


As Community Manager at Reboot Your Life, one of the best perks is getting to know the very awesome individuals who make up our community! And while we have almost 200,000(!) right here on JoinTheReboot.com, we also have local communities popping up all over the place!


Nutley, NJ represents one of our earliest on-the-ground communities! We have worked together with the Township of Nutley on multiple Community Juicing Programs (Similar to the Reboot Express!) and are gearing up for another one this Spring. No surprise here, because Nutley is a town committed to Wellness – The Mayor is hosting the 4th annual Wellness Challenge this year and the kickoff event was last night. Reboot Your Life is proud to be involved and I had a BLAST “juicing it up” with the good people of Nutley! Check out the pics!


Here’s how the Community Juicing Program works:
The Town has 15 Juicers which they loan out to people signed up for the program. At the kickoff meeting, we discuss the program, our goals, and do weigh-ins/Blood Pressure Checks. At the wrap-up meeting, we review the experience and check back in on those vitals! Participants borrow the Town’s juicers for the week and then give them back so the next person can give it a go.


Sounds like fun, huh? Check out the video clip of Nutley’s first Community Juice Program on the DVD Extras section of the “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” DVD.


We are inspired by our Reboot community in every shape that it takes! Perhaps, you can inspire your own local community to Join The Reboot too!