After Your Big New Year’s Reboot – What’s Next?


Thank you for participating in the Big New Year’s Reboot! I hope you’re feeling fantastic. If you’re not feeling great yet, hang in there – it’s coming.  Many of you have been asking if you can continue past day 3 – and the answer is YES! Your Reboot doesn’t have to end today. You can keep Rebooting for 7, 10, 15 or more days, until you’ve reached your weight loss and health goals.


If you’re ending your Reboot now, or for when you end your Reboot, make sure to follow the transition out tips listed in our Happiest Healthiest You eMag,  and take a look at the Eating section on RebootwithJoe.com for healthy eating information and recipes.


If you’re continuing your Reboot, we have more free plans at www.rebootwithjoe.com/rebooting/plans and our great community of Rebooters will be here to support you.  Take a look at the other groups and discussion forums on the Reboot with Joe community and join one or more.  And the Tracker will help you chart your progress and provide tips.


Or if you’d like more support and help Rebooting, consider a Guided Reboot. These are a bit different from our Big New Year’s Reboot. The size of the group is limited to 50, and you have an opportunity to ask your coach questions online and also through regular webinars/group calls.


Congratulations and Cheers to continuing your happier, healthier New Year.


Juice On!