Adam’s Son Sparks Transformation

Adam suffered for years with severe depression and binge eating disorder, which took a toll on his health and damaged his liver. He dipped a toe into healthier living with short 3- and 5-day Reboots, and got some great short-term results. But it was his young son that motivated him to make a huge lifestyle change. Using Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead as motivation, and Joe’s app for support, he Rebooted for a total of 60 days. By the end, he had lost over 35 pounds, his depression lifted, and he was able to reduce his medications.* Adam M., Houston, TX

My Results

  • I lost 60 pounds*
  • I reduced my medications
  • Liver pain is gone
  • My moods are more positive
  • I sleep well and wake up energized
  • Skin feels clear and clean
  • Clothes fit (even the slim fit)
  • I’m happier with who I am

I am a soccer coach, I am very blessed to be paid for my passion (soccer and kids). I love dogs and animals, and I am also passionate about running. I have completed 2 marathons.  
I have one son, Kingston, who is 2 1/2 years old and my love and my life, and a dog called Snowbelle.
My son is adorable, by the way (yeah, I’m sure most people tell you that, but if you saw him you’d get it!)  
I am a little nervous to tell you this, as apart from the limited few, no one really knows my story. I want people to be ok with the battles they face. So if my story can help one person to start to make a change, I’m ready for it to be known.  

I’ve been depressed since I was 8 years old

I’ve battled severe depression for almost my whole life—it started around 8 years old, which is when I first contemplated suicide. Since then, I have had multiple relapses and tried twice more. The last time around early 2014, when my marriage was in trouble and I had reached my lowest point.   

My eating habits have caused serious health issues

I didn’t realize until I was diagnosed with liver disease that I had also been suffering from a binge eating disorder for the majority of my life. When it came to changing my diet, it was impossible and I now understood why.   

I want to be healthy so I can see my son grow up

I wanted to overcome my appalling eating habits, become medication free, get fit and healthy and hopefully reverse the liver disease I had contracted due to my poor choice of said eating and drinking habits.  
Most of all, I want to live a long and happy life so I get to see what life brings for my beautiful boy Kingston.
My friend did a 5 day Reboot around 5 years ago, and this inspired me to do some 3 day reboots to help me with my physical and mental health. It was a great short-term change, but I found myself slipping back to bad habits.

I was finally ready to do a serious Reboot

This year, I embarked on a 5 day Reboot to help with my liver disease, eating disorder and depression. It was so different from the 3 day Reboot, and my mood was elevated to new levels of positivity.    
I realized I needed to change my life and make it stick.  I found the real motivation was after I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead…that’s when I decided to attempt a 60 day juice reboot.  

If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again

I used juice recipes from Joe’s website and then I downloaded the 101 Juice Recipes app which I have found very useful and beneficial. 
My first attempt lasted 5 days and I fell off.  
After a few days of binge eating, I tried again and got to 25 days…again I fell off to old habits.  
However I knew I wasn’t done and I pushed for another attempt at a 30 day Reboot. This time it stuck, and I did easily (60 days in total over 3 attempts).  
Although I am eating food now, I have the belief that if bad habits return, I can jump on a juice reboot to reinvigorate my attitude and life…I’ve found what works. 

Joe’s words kept me motivated

The words that stuck with me from Joe were, “Instead of killing ourselves for failing, why we don’t celebrate that we did it 2 days or 6 days or 20 days.  It’s easy to say we failed and forget what we actually achieved!” 
When I got to 25 days and found myself binge eating again, I kept trying to start again. I was determined to do 60 days even if they weren’t consecutive days, and for the last 30 day juice only reboot (which I completed with relative ease).  
It felt amazing! Just the feeling of wellness and positivity you get from a juice only diet and the benefits you gain are astounding. 

My health is much better and I’ve lost weight

I am now down to 171 pounds (from 207 pounds at my heaviest). My medication is 1/10th of what it was at the start. I have zero liver pain, which had been a daily occurrence.  
I believed I would have to take medication for the rest of my life due to my severe depression. I am now closer than I’ve ever been to being medication free.  Problems that seemed so crippling are now challenges I will overcome! 
My sleep is amazing. My mind is clear and uncloudy. I wake up feeling energized and ready for the day. Before, I felt like I was in a daze because of the crap food I’d eaten the day and night before.  
I have been exercising regularly for the first time in about 4 years (even on LESS calories than recommended). I can look in the mirror and smile again not tell myself I need to lose weight. Clothes fit (even slim fit!!!) 

So many benefits beyond weight loss

This has changed my life in a way I could never have imagined…it’s helped me feel positive about myself again. I’ve accomplished this big goal. And my never-ending to-do list is disappearing.  
The time I spend with my son has gone to a whole higher level of joy and fulfillment. I have ambition again, hopes and dreams don’t seem so far away. I see things in a more positive aspect. The sun is brighter, music sounds better, and I like who I am again.  
My thinking is much clearer. I see things and people with a clearer perspective and understanding. I feel like I speak to people instead of just acknowledging them. I’m enjoying life instead of just living it.  
I’m looking forward to an amazing future with my son.  

Here’s what I’d say if you were thinking about Rebooting…

Firstly, you have to be ready mentally and give yourself completely to the fact you will feel so much better for this…both mentally and physically.  If you only make it to day 2, you’ve achieved something, be appreciative to yourself for that.   
If you are determined to change your life for the better, start again, you can do it if you believe.  
People tell me they tried it, it didn’t work, wasn’t for them, etc. However, I find that hard to believe and always try to dig deeper to see if they followed the plan to a tee. That is what you have to do to get the results. You cannot cut corners or it just doesn’t work!  
At one point, we’ve all tried something and  said, “It didn’t work”…however just because it didn’t work the first time does not mean it won’t work if you try it again! I know this journey isn’t over for me, and old habits may return. However, I’ve tried and I have succeeded …and you can, too! 
I don’t usually believe in things unless I experience them. THIS WORKS…I am the proof…don’t stop trying.