7 Easy Tricks That Will Improve Your Health

Looking for a few simple ways to make your everyday a little healthier? Rather than try to overhaul your entire schedule to fit what you’ve read is “healthy,” try adding in one of these simple strategies each day.  By the end of the week, you’ll be happier & healthier!




  1. Smile
    Smiling not only spreads cheer to others it can actually keep you well.  Researchers found that those who held a smile on their face during a stressful task had lower heart rates. These smiles weren’t all natural, some participants held chopsticks in their teeth to get their grins on.
  2. Let Someone Ahead of You
    Being patient can have big payoffs for your health.  Whether it’s driving or waiting in line at the grocery store, letting someone “cut in” and go ahead of you can not only be good for them also help you.  Road rage actually has a medical diagnosis for some people, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, an issue with mood, serotonin regulation and other components.  Practicing patience in the midst of stressful winter driving in snow-packed streets, letting a mom with a full grocery cart and screaming kid go ahead of you in line or giving up your seat on the train; choosing these acts of kindness may help keep your head in the game too.
  3. Drink Plenty of Water
    We’ve all heard our doctors, our mothers, our trainers and our dietitians repeat the laundry list of reasons why we should stay hydrated. Those fluids could be hot, warm or cold or all of the above to get a full spectrum of benefits.  Warm temps can help ease slow guts and reduce hunger.
  4. Eat (or Drink!) Breakfast
    Skipping breakfast may be one of the worst sabotages to your weight loss efforts.  Research finds that skipping this first meal may lead to increased amounts of late-night snacking.  Yikes! Seventy-eight percent of those who’ve successfully lost weight and kept it off eat breakfast daily. Kick off your day with loads of nutrients, electrolytes and fluids! Breakfast is the perfect slot for your daily juice.Good news for those with a sluggish start to their day… breakfast is technically defined as ingesting nutrients within the first 2 hours of waking up.  So you’ve got a little time to acclimate and get your juicer going.
  5. Close Down the Kitchen at Night
    Looking to curb late night snacking… kitchen’s closed and off limits is a great way to set you up for success.  After dinner and doing dishes, pack up leftovers into containers and coolers to store in your fridge for a quick grab-n-go lunch the next day.  Bring a cup of tea, frozen smoothie, fresh fruit or any treat you may choose as part of your plan, then shut off the lights, close the door and help prevent unwanted wandering and grazing.
  6. Walk
    Walking is one of the best exercises out there.  Whether it’s a little or a lot getting your feet moving can really make a big difference.  While 10,000 steps per day is the goal, start wherever you can. Take your average each day for a week, then average and increase by 10% a week until you hit your goal of 10,000.  Many new smartphones come with apps that count your steps or you can get an inexpensive one at sporting goods stores.Easy ways to walk more:

    • Take the stairs at least one flight at work
    • Do a few laps around your house – pick a reasonable number.  This is great when you’re snowed in or it’s minus 15 degrees outside!
    • Make a few extra trips to the bathroom, a natural effect of drinking more water or adding in fresh juice.
    • Park further back in the lot
    • Look for every opportunity to walk all around town; to a friend’s, a restaurant, quick errands, and library
    • Get off the bus or train one stop early
    • Read this article for more details: Walk your way to wellness.
  1. Stretch & Strengthen
    As important as walking, stretching and strengthening each day can help keep you looking, feeling and well staying young.  Benefits of stretching include reduced stress, improved range of motion and flexibility, better circulation and less back pain.  Try carving out just 10 minutes each day either in morning or evening to stretch and do a few strength exercises at home.Even for older adults, strength training has serious benefits.  Lessening symptoms of arthritis, diabetes, depression, back pain, keeping bones strong and helping manage weight are just a few.  You’ll be lean & well, not mean but…. Happy. Whether you hit the gym or not, making this a part of your daily routine is a simple, efficient way to stay healthy.Look at www.rebootwithjoe.com/fitness for more ideas.

We want to know what you do to stay healthy every day! Share in the comments below.