7 Healthy Resolutions You Can Stick To

A new year means new resolutions, new goals and new records to set; but often I find that we set ourselves up for failure by setting the bar too high, and by trying to achieve too much once the clock strikes midnight on 1/1. There’s nothing wrong with setting the bar high and aiming for the stars but set goals that make you better in the long run and won’t break you in the process.

This year, instead of making mountains out of your resolutions, make hills – smaller and more achievable goals. Set yourself up to win with your New Year’s resolution and you’ll find that you start winning in other areas. Your positive attitude and outlook from reaching these goals will make other goals that you have in your life seem more attainable.

Try these seven easy resolutions for 2022 aimed at focusing on gratefulness, presence, mindfulness and happiness. 

  1. Give More Thanks
    Most often without even thinking, we all say thank you a few times daily. As you roll into the New Year, go out of your way to say thank you on purpose. Say it to those around you, those you love, and those who do kind deeds for you that you may not have noticed in the past. Saying thank you can make you feel happier, more grateful and more fulfilled.
  1. Practice Presence
    We spend so much time looking ahead and behind that we often forget to see where we are in each moment. But how can you enjoy the future if you can’t enjoy the present moment? Finding simple ways to focus more on what you’re doing in the moment can help you feel more grateful, happier and can help you connect better with others, something that is key to a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Clear out the Junk
    This goes for both your kitchen cabinets and any other closets or storage spaces in your house. Getting rid of the “junk” (food and non-food items) can help you find more space for healthier habits.. Getting rid of the old can help make space for the new, meaning new ideas, new ways of being a healthier, happier you. When it comes to your kitchen in particular, getting rid of junk foods and unhealthy items can help you make better choices in your house, which is key to healthy weight loss and management.
  1. Put YOU First
    How can you expect to make others happy and be present for those around you if you don’t take care of yourself? You can’t. So in efforts to connect more with those you love, with those you work with, and to be a better you make more time to be happy. If that means going to the gym, walking, seeing a museum show, walking your dog, just do it.
  1. Cross Your Comfort Zone Boundaries
    I’m sure you can find one thing on a daily (or weekly) that challenges you; trying a new exercise class, going to a networking event, trying a new recipe, the list is endless. In the past you may have passed up the opportunity to give these things a try, but this year go for it. Trying new things and challenging yourself can help you to become a better, more interesting, happier version of yourself and may help you to meet new people and open your heart to a new routine.
  1. Prioritize Vegetables
    Whether you’re going out with the guys to enjoy a burger and beer meal or ordering take out from your favorite Chinese place, make veggies a priority. If you have a burger and fries, enjoy a salad with it on the side, get your favorite Chinese dish but order steamed broccoli on the side. You don’t need to say, “I won’t eat junk food all year,” instead commit to eating veggies at the majority of your meals. And a juice is a great way to get more in! 
  1. Commit to Cooking
    Make your kitchen more fun in 2022. Maybe you cook every day or maybe you’re not sure what a spatula is – whatever level you find yourself in the kitchen, make a realistic goal that gets you in the kitchen more often; even one day a week will help you eat healthier, save money and find out that you might be better than you think! We have hundreds of recipes to help you get there.

Happy 2023!