6 Oscar-Nominated Celebs Who are Healthy Too

We hear it all the time, ‘celebs are just like us’, but when the Oscars roll around, it’s hard to imagine ourselves dripping in diamonds and glittering in couture gowns. But at the end of the day, of course they are just like us – and in the case of some of our favorite nominated stars this year, they even love their green juice like us! Whether it’s regularly exercising, learning how to box, drinking green juice or doing yoga, what we all have in common is taking care of our health.


Best Actress nominee for her role in Wild, Reese Witherspoon, is frequently seen jogging around her LA neighborhood and enjoying some green juice.


Reese Running

Rosemund Pike had to lose and gain 13 lbs three times as part of her Best Actress nominated role in Gone Girl.  She trained with a professional boxer up to four hours a day, as well as ran five miles in 42 minutes AND lifted heavy weights. Damn!

Rosamund Pike

Bradley Cooper was required to gain a staggering 40 lbs of muscle in just 10 weeks for his Best Actor nominated role in American Sniper! In order to do so, he had to consume 6,000 calories per day! While some of his meals included burgers and pizza, in order to remain healthy when putting on so much weight, he made sure to drink lots of green juice and smoothies. He’s already back to his regular weight and says he enjoyed lots of healthy pumpkin soup to help him get there.

Bradley Cooper

It’s no surprise that fellow New Yorker Julianne Moore enjoys her green juice! And while she is a Best Actress nominee this year for her role in Still Alice, it was in preparation for her role in The Hunger Games Part 1, that she credits Ashtanga yoga two – three times a week, along with a low-carb, pescetarian diet to keep her in shape.


How did Emma Stone celebrate her Best Supporting Actress nomination for Birdman? With a green juice, of course!

 Emma Stone

Oh Meryl, could we love you any more? Not only is she the queen of the Oscars nominated for the 19th time (!), this year for Best Supporting Actress in Into the Woods, but she is also the queen of aging gracefully. When asked what beauty products she uses, she replied, “At the Oscars they give you this free stuff and whatever is in that pack I smear it on for a year.” But ultimately, she steers clear of the sun and its harsh UV rays. Her choice of exercise? Swimming, three – four times per week.


Happy Oscar Watching!