It’s Launch Time For the Book: Hungry For Change

Today is a very special day for good friends of mine James and Laurentine from Food Matters. Over the past 6 months they have been living and breathing their new Hungry For Change book  and together with the experts from the hugely popular film (I am featured in there as well!) and Harper Collins they have spent thousands of hours, written tens of thousands of words, completed multiple iterations, and are now finally ready for the world to see their work! This book features all that the experts featured in the film who know how to conquer your cravings, transform your eating habits, and truly experience life long health. In the 304 page hardcover book you’ll discover:

•           3 day guided detox plus grocery planner
•           120 recipes from quick snacks and juices to elaborate meals
•           In-depth conversations with the experts from the film
•           Why diets and diet products don’t work (and could be degrading your health)
•           How to overcome food addictions and cravings
•           What is fat and cellulite and how to get rid of it
•           How to use the power of the mind to create your ideal body

At Team Reboot, we believe in the Hungry For Change message and wish to help this reach as many people as possible. By working together we can help educate, enlighten and empower our friends, families and beyond. Once a critical mass of people understand this way of living we have created the potential for serious change in the way the world eats and connects with each other. Help share this message reach more people and CLICK HERE to watch the book trailer, pick up your copy and claim your free gifts.

As a special thank you to those who pick up a copy of the book before this Saturday, October 6th, the team at Hungry For Change is offering instant access to $129 worth of incredible bonuses for those who register on their site. Free gifts with purchase include digital copies of the Hungry For Change Film, Food Matters Recipe Book, downloadable visualization CD with Jon Gabriel and much much more…

Enjoy the book and don’t forget to Juice On!

Joe Cross