3 Days Until Your Reboot Begins!


The countdown is on. Only three days left in your transition phase until you start consuming only fruits and vegetables for your 3-Day Big New Year’s Reboot. So keep up the good work and continue to prep your body properly.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind today:


1. Continue weaning off caffeine by limiting yourself to one cup of coffee (1/2 decaf), and add in one cup of green tea.

2. Remove poultry and fish. 

3. Drink a fresh juice. Find juice recipes at www.rebootwithJoe.com/recipes.

4. Drink 64-72 oz. (2 litres) of water.


And don’t forget to try the New Reboot Tracker!  Take a look in the upper right side of the community page by your profile picture, you’ll see Tracker listed under your name. Or go to tracker.rebootwithjoe.com/app (you may need to log in again). Then select “New Reboot.” to get started!

Juice on!