3 Big Secrets You Should Know before Juicing

Thinking about starting a Reboot or taking on juicing?  If you’re new to juice the process can seem overwhelming.  Questions like, Will I be starving? Will I get enough protein? Will it taste good? may be on the top of your list.  Before you juice you’ll need to do a few housekeeping things like find a local produce shop, get a few sharp knives to prep your produce and purchase a juicer.  But here are 3 secrets you should know before you break out your juicer and juice your first stalk of kale.

    • Drink plenty of water.
      When you’re downing 4-6, 16-20 oz (500 mL) juices a day full of fruits and veggies it probably seems like you’re consuming more than enough liquid.  But in fact, staying hydrated with healthy fluids is a key tip for success during your Reboot.  Drinking fluids in addition to your juices will help with keeping energy levels up, reducing headache, maintaining healthy digestion and reaping the benefits of a Reboot.  Besides plain water, try fresh lemon water, herbal tea, organic veggie broth (try our pulp broth recipe), and coconut water for electrolytes.


    • Get your ZZZ’s!
      Juicing and Rebooting isn’t just about fruits and veggies…While plants are the big-name stars, sleep plays the supporting role that makes it all come together.  Rebooting is meant to be a time of helping your body take a break from many of your daily routines like starting the day with an extra large coffee loaded with cream and sugar.  But prioritizing sleep in our fast-paced multi-tasking world can be a big challenge.  Sleep is essential for helping to support our immune system and metabolism; two goals of your Reboot.
    • You can juice frozen fruits and veggies. 
      Did you know that you can juice those frozen gems stored away from last summer’s garden or farmer’s market?   The trick is to be sure and let any frozen produce defrost before you put it into your juicer.  Frozen fruits can be less expensive than fresh and can offer you more variety when coming up with your next juice recipe.  For example, a bag of organic frozen blueberries in mid-winter is a healthier choice for nutrients and for your wallet than fresh ones.  Be mindful of a few items fresh or frozen that won’t juice – like banana, avocado and mushrooms.


What’s your favorite juicing secret?