5 Reboot Challenges & How to Face Them

On the first few days of a Reboot, especially on juice-only days, it’s common to feel off before feeling great. Common symptoms include feeling lethargic, fatigued, sluggish, achy, foggy, etc. But don’t worry, there are specific ways to troubleshoot and minimize these side effects or prevent them. For more information on how to overcome the physical symptoms related to Rebooting like bowel irregularities and headaches, read more here. Generally, this sometimes rather rocky transition passes within a few days.  In fact, many say the first 3 days are the hardest, but they don’t always have to be, or at least not-so-hard.  With proper transition into your Reboot these bumps are more like blips in the road.

1. Navigating Family Meal-time and Social Events

Don’t go in hungry. Drink a full glass of juice or snack on a salad or veggies within an hour of your event.

Sip juice while cooking dinner for family members.  Engage kids and partners to help with cooking while you’re juicing.

Cook ahead of time and freeze meals.

At events, focus on connecting with others and less on the foods and drinks.

Enjoy a fun beverage; one of Joe’s favorites is sparkling water with fresh lime.

Bring juice or a festive veggie/fruit dish to share like these party favorites: Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”  and Easy Guacamole

2. Getting Through Work Dinners, Lunches and Other Meetings

If  you’re  juicing and eating, seek out Reboot-friendly menu items ahead of time online. Look for salads and vegetable based soups.

If you are juicing-only, drink a juice right before leaving, and bring  juice with you. OR explain to your coworkers what you are doing and sip herbal tea or hot water with lemon. You never know who that conversation might inspire to try their own Reboot.

3. Preventing Isolation

Join Joe’s Community on Facebook and connect with Rebooters across the globe.  You will see successes, challenges, and everything in between from people just like you.

Get out and move. Walking  is not only amazing for weight loss and immunity but also for mood and connecting with others while you’re out and about.

4. Avoiding Moodiness or Irritability

Hydration is often an underlying culprit during your Reboot.

Beware of sudden caffeine withdrawal.Try 1 cup of green tea or black coffee without guilt when absolutely necessary.

Electrolyte imbalance can also contribute to moodiness – be sure to include 16 oz of unsweetened coconut water a day and adding in 8-16 oz of regular, organic vegetable broth can make a big difference. Try making your own from your juicer pulp!

Low Vitamin D can also be at play. Talk with your doctor about a blood test and supplements.

Ready to Reboot?!

Learn all about how to get started and best tips for success here. We walk you through exactly how to make your Reboot experience healthy and enjoyable plus you can download our free plans with menus, shopping lists and more.

Looking for a coach and group support?  Try our 15-Day Guided Reboots.