“101 Juice Recipes” Book is Now Available. Buy it today!

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest recipe book, 101 Juice Recipes. Whether you are planning a Reboot, are new to juicing and need to learn the basics, or you’re a regular juicer and simply want to spice up your daily routine – this is the book you need.

The collection of recipes in the book represents months of tasting, testing and getting creative in the Reboot Kitchen. We’ve included old favorites from my Mean Green to surprising new combinations you won’t have seen before (can you resist the sound of the Mexican Fiesta or Spicy Peach Carrot?), these delicious recipes will inspire you to get creative with your juicer.

All recipes are color-coded so that you can easily pick a green, yellow, orange, red or purple juice, helping ensure you’re covering a wide spectrum of nutrients. Icons also help you identify the recipes that are quick to make, those that are Reboot friendly, and the best juices to drink around a workout. If you have a health condition, we’ve added a key indicating what juices best support your body in easing symptoms and can help fight specific conditions such as inflammation/pain, arthritis, high cholesterol, etc. You’ll also find guidelines for cleaning and storing your fruits and veggies, plus a super useful substitution chart if you want to swap out certain fruit and veggies.

I’m a huge juice fan, but have been stuck in a bit of a leafy green, carrot, beet and pear recipe rut lately (always with plenty of my favorite ingredient, ginger – I can’t get enough). Are you anything like me, or have you already tried juicing a sweet potato or parsnip? Have you dared to experiment with jalapeno or chili pepper, and know when best to add basil, mint, or rosemary? How about a dash of pumpkin pie spice or garam masala? This is the book that will tempt you to try, especially when you see the mouth-watering photographs that accompany every recipe.

I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and juice up a “Mediterranean Summer” after my next workout or enjoy a Sweet Potato Pie to satisfy my sweet tooth. Hope you all enjoy the book as much as I am!

Buy the book: 101 Juice Recipes today!

It is also available as an App for iOS and Android. Search for recipes by ingredient, create custom shopping lists, watch videos and more.