Joe’s Journal: Day 6 – My Chronic Urticaria

October 17, 2007

So many people ask me about my autoimmune disease – chronic urticaria – it’s like a giant rash all over your body.  And this is how it works…

When you get bit by a mosquito receptors under your skin send a signal to your brain. Histamines are then sent to the bite to make the blood vessels around the bite swell, making it more difficult for the poisons from the mosquito to spread throughout the body. As a side effect, the whole area is swollen red and itchy. But with my disease the receptors send the wrong messages. A handshake is like getting bit by a thousand mosquitos and this can happen at any time to any part of my body.

After what felt like hundreds of visits to different doctors, even a witch doctor, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. If the body can heal itself on the outside, then I reckon it can heal itself on the inside. This is what sparked my decision to Reboot.

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