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Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN; Reboot Nutritionist

Stacy is the nutritionist for Reboot with Joe. She is a Senior Clinical Nutritionist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. She also writes for online health and nutrition sites and works in private practice with her husband Dr. Russell Kennedy, Stacy opened Stacy's Juice Bar in Needham, MA with Stacy Madison, founder of Stacy's Pita Chip company, Stacy is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine. Stacy received a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from Indiana University, completed her Dietetic Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital and earned a Masters in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She currently resides in Wellesley where she loves cooking healthy, juicing, hiking, practicing yoga and spending time with her husband, two sons, three dogs and friends.

6 Shots That Do The Body Good

I remember those crazy nights hanging out at the beach… kicking back some shots! My how my “fun times” have certainly changed with age! Instead of mind numbing tequila, energizing ginger and wheatgrass have taken over, and I’m all the healthier for it. Try these 6 shots that won’t leave you feeling hungover.

“Natural” Not Always from Nature

When we see “natural” we think the food is nutritionally superior; free of hormones, additives, artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMOs, colors, etc. And a great choice for someone pursing a healthy lifestyle or for growing kids. Sadly, this isn’t actually the case.

Maple Mango Carrot Smoothie

I just learned about the coolest thing, Maple Water. That’s right. Pure maple sap from a maple tree that provides an abundance of electrolytes with minimal sugar and a sweet taste. For any juicers out there who aren’t big fans of coconut water this is a new liquid to try. It also tastes fantastic in this smoothie with mango and carrots. Enjoy the recipe!

Low Sugar Green Juice

Looking for a refreshing juice that’s low in carbohydrates but rich in nutrients? If you have diabetes, high blood sugar, pre-diabetes, or are simply looking to cut down even on natural sweets this juice is for you.

Super Seed Salad for Summer

On warm, sunny summer days I love throwing together quick and easy salads. Packed with protein that helps to support a healthy immune system and fiber to control hunger, blood sugar stability and give you plenty of energy, this salad is a new favorite. Enjoy the simple and nutritious recipe.

5 Common Questions from New Rebooters

With nearly 200 Rebooters at Camp Reboot last week, there was a nice mix of people who have Rebooted before, those who were currently on a long Reboot, or many who were Rebooting for the first time and Camp Reboot was their kickstart to a new, healthy life. I was able to spend a lot of time with these new Rebooters and they all had a few common questions. Reflecting on my experience I wanted to share the top 5 nutrition questions that I heard throughout the week, because I’m sure many new and old Rebooters have similar questions.

Ease Your Joints Juice

Joint pain and inflammation are common ailments that can impact everyday life. Aches and pains, limited mobility, not getting to enjoy running around with your kids or participating in sports with friends or just getting out of bed in the morning can really hinder day to day experiences. Certain fruits, vegetables and other plant foods, like the ones in this juice, contain natural phytonutrient compounds with anti-inflammatory actions.

3 Big Secrets You Should Know before Juicing

Thinking about starting a Reboot or taking on juicing? If you’re new to juice the process can seem overwhelming. Questions like, Will I be starving? Will I get enough protein? Will it taste good? may be on the top of your list. Before you juice you’ll need to do a few housekeeping things like find a local produce shop, get a few sharp knives to prep your produce and purchase a juicer. But here are 3 secrets you should know before you break out your juicer and juice your first stalk of kale.

10 Health Tips for Our Reboot Moms

We all love our moms and want them to be healthy and happy at every age. As a busy mom juggling family, work and a long list of to-dos we often attend to our own needs last and sometimes they fall by the wayside. In order to best take care of our loved ones it’s important to remember to put your own oxygen mask on first. Whether you want to help your mom stay healthy or you’re a mom in need of some TLC, check out my top 10 tips for keeping mom healthy all year long.

Simply Green Juice from Stacy’s Juice Bar

Simply Green is one of the most popular juices at my new juice bar, Stacy’s Juice Bar in Boston. Especially with the arrival of Spring, it seems to be a crowd favorite. We use the freshest ingredients and sourcing locally and organically is important to us. Enjoy this simple, healthy, and delicious recipe.