You Tweeted, We Answered

Twitter Chat

Thanks to everyone who joined our first #RebootNutrition Twitter Chat last night. It was a huge success and I really enjoyed talking with you and answering your Rebooting questions. For anyone who missed the chat, you can also see the full conversation by going to twitter and searching #RebootNutrition. Here are just a few highlights from the chat.

A Sparkling New Year’s Juice

Sparkling New Year's Juice

On New Year’s Eve, juice up a batch of phytonutrient-rich nutrients to make a healthy cocktail base to mix with alcohol or simply enjoy drinking as is. This vibrant juice not only tastes great, but it can nourish you all night long to help prevent waking up a depleted mess on New Year’s Day!

10 Don’ts a Nutritionist Sticks to at a Holiday Party

10 Don'ts to Follow at a Holiday Party

I love to enjoy holiday parties just like everyone else, but I do my best to not let the season drag my health and wellness goals down. So if you’re wondering how a nutritionists navigates a holiday party while still having fun, here are the 10 Don’ts that I follow when going out. Hey, even if you stick to just 7 of these you are doing yourself a favor!