Classic Carrot-Apple-Lemon with a Kick

Juice glass

Ever wonder what the most popular juice is on our site and in our juice-recipe app? After Joe’s Mean Green, it’s the Carrot-Apple-Lemon juice from the Reboot With Joe Juice Diet book. It has a sweet taste that isn’t overwhelmed by any one ingredient. Kick up this classic juice with the addition of chile pepper. […]

Cheezy Onion Crackers with Bean Dip

crackers and dip

Skip the bagged and processed stuff and try this delicious recipe for homemade crackers and dip. Nutritional yeast (available in health-food stores) gives them a cheesy flavor. Chia and flax seeds add healthy fats and a hearty texture. This is a great lower-carb higher fiber snack, and a healthier alternative to store bought refined crackers […]

Antioxidant Power-Up Juice

purple juice in a glass

This is a great juice to switch things up a bit and try absolutely new flavors–and we promise your juice isn’t going to taste like soup. Nutritionally, red cabbage and green cabbage have glucosinolates in common; these have been researched for their potential cancer-prevention benefits. But red cabbage specifically also contains anthocyanin polyphenols, due to […]

Green Cabbage Tummy Soother

Cabbage juice

It’s easy to overlook cabbage as a wonderful juicing ingredient. I think people are afraid their juices will taste like sauerkraut. But cabbage actually has a mild flavor when juiced, and pairs easily with apples and oranges. Cabbage is also a high-yield ingredient, and cabbage is typically inexpensive, so you get a lot of juice […]

10 Reboot Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We often talk about what you should do when Rebooting but we rarely discuss what NOT to do and what common slip-ups can derail your efforts. It’s important to remember that this isn’t failure! Even if you only made it through 3 days, that’s still a win. But if your goal is to complete a […]

Pear Power Juice with Basil

Pear and basil juice

This is a really lovely combination that makes it an easy drink even for the most beginner juicer. Just rinse your produce and juice! Basil (ocimum basilicum) has some powerful health benefits, and it works beautifully in many juice, smoothie and whole food recipes. Basil has been studied for its anti-aging benefits, and it may […]

“Beet” the Afternoon Slump

Beet juice in glass

So many of my juicing clients report improved energy. If your battery is running a little low, top it up with this energy-boosting juice. Drinking beet juice before exercise  has been shown to improve exercise and muscle performance, due to the nitric oxide in beets which helps to reduce oxygen expense. The scientists believe the […]

Creamy, Non-Dairy Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup

Here is a delicious soup I enjoyed this week in chilly Sydney. For those of you in the States, it’s winter for us down here! Cashews are a great cheese alternative, giving soups a creamy and thick texture without dairy. And of course, cashews are a good source of healthy fats. Adding cashew meal (just […]