Environmental Contaminants that Affect Your Thyroid health

Thyroid diseases and disorders in humans such as autoimmune thyroid disease have increased in incidence over the past several decades, the burden of thyroid disease now effects approximately two billion people worldwide. Even slight decreases in thyroid function such as subclinical hypothyroidism can have a negative impact on cholesterol levels, weight, mood and energy levels […]

Vitamin Spotlight: Get Your Vitamin C


Have you heard of scurvy? Until recently it was considered a thing of the past, only experienced by sailors on long voyagers and historically an ongoing issue for people who had a limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. But recent reports have shown a resurgence in the occurrence of scurvy, a disease caused from […]

Purple Power Grape Juice


Purple foods are one of the hottest food trends for 2017, and with good reason—they are full of nutrients and powerful antioxidants and high in anti-aging and anti-disease compounds. Purple fruits and vegetables have a pigment that contains flavonoids, including resveratrol, which keeps blood pressure in control and boosts immunity from certain cancers. These purple […]