Fallen off the Weight Loss Wagon? 9 Tips to Get You Back on Track

Many people have started the New Year with goals which may include getting fit, eating healthy and losing weight but unfortunately it can be easy to fall away from your best intentions particularly when these new habits have only recently been formed.

This week here in Australia, kids have now gone back to school after 6weeks of summer holidays. It might be hard to believe if you have been experiencing the cold in the Northern Hemisphere but its been very hot here in Australia. After Christmas, News Years, holidays and parties you may be finding it hard to get back on track to good health but here are some important points to remember.

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 
This is the most important suggestion! This is the most common reason why people discontinue healthy habits.  Too often people throw in the towel because they feel they have blown it or it’s too hard, they then give themselves permission to continue to over indulge thus making it more difficult!  No one is perfect and we all fall away from our best intentions and eat the wrong things, skip the gym or get a bit lazy and make excuses. The most important thing to remember is not to berate yourself about it but rather spend the energy getting back on track.

If you make a mistake or slip up, forget it and concentrate on what your next positive step is! It’s not about how many times you fall but rather how quickly you get back up! Commitment to your own health can be a wonderful life journey that is forever evolving.

2. Recognize your excuses.
We all have them and it’s important to know an excuse when you hear one. I’m too busy! I’m too tired! I don’t have enough time! It’s too expensive!  Remember if you don’t have enough time to be healthy you better find the time to be sick. Recognise an excuse and find your solution and get on with it! Make lists if it helps.

3. Remind yourself what you want.
It is important to remind yourself what you want to see for yourself, visualise yourself successful and see this daily to help motivate yourself. Keeping pictures or affirmations in important spots such as the fridge, bedroom or bathroom mirror these can be helpful reminders.

4. Set yourself short term goals.
One bite, sip and a day at a time. This can help you achieve your long-term goals with small steps. Drink more water, then once you have achieved this move onto eating more serves of vegetables and so on. Just like Phil in the movie, he started with a 10day reboot then committed himself to 30days then went on to complete 60 days.

5. Know your weaknesses.
This allows you to be prepared for future fall downs, knowing what your weaknesses are can empower you to be prepared for those times ahead. If you are likely to snack in the car have the right snacks available, if you pick while preparing meals drink a vegetable juice or eat vegetable sticks or if party food is your weakness then take healthy snacks or eat something filling before you go. Be prepared!

6. Understand why you went off track in the first place.
Did you overeat because you felt upset, tired or frustrated? Understand why you are not sticking to your plan and find other solutions and treats that do not involve food.

7. Get support.
Friends, personal trainers, nutritionists and family can all help you! Being accountable to others can help you stay on track and has been shown to increase success!

8. Understand your cravings.
After the silly season you may have those old cravings again. Here are some pointers to understand what your cravings may actually mean and what you can do about them.

9. Reboot Reboot Reboot.
The benefits of a short Reboot can help us to reset our systems and get back to a healthy eating plan. You can Reboot for a short period or longer timeframe if desired but a short Reboot can get you back on track, reset your system and help turn off those unhealthy cravings.

What do you do that helps you stay on track?