Thyroid Condition Doesn’t Stop Mom From Losing Weight

Natalie’s thyroid condition was making it really difficult to lose weight, even when she was strict with her diet and working with a trainer. Busy helping run the family business while raising three kids, she was also struggling with low energy, hair loss, and rashes on her arms and cheeks. Tired of feeling tired, she started the 60 Day Guided Reboot for Thyroid. By the end, she had lost over 30 pounds* and had a whole new perspective on eating and self-care.

Natalie de Vries, Ontario, Canada


  • I have lost 30 pounds (and still losing)*
  • My sleeping has improved
  • I feel more energized
  • Fewer mood swings
  • No more rashes on my cheeks or arms
  • My horrible scalp psoriasis is almost gone

I’m a mom to three kids, aged 9, 8, and 5. My husband and I run our own concrete forming company, and I breed dogs. I love to create art whenever I have free time. I am looking forward to going back to weight lifting in a few months.

My thyroid issues make it hard to lose weight

I have Hashimoto’s hyperthyroid, and I have been struggling for 5 years trying to lose weight. I’ve been unsuccessful.

Last year, I worked out with a personal trainer and followed a number of meal plans. I did gain muscle mass and lost some weight but it was very, very slow and difficult.

Other health issues derailed my progress… and I got fed up

Then, I ended up having a hysterectomy, which knocked me off my feet for six weeks. During that time, I strayed far from any meal plans. By the time I was healed, I had worked my way back up to 205 pounds.

I was tired of being tired. I was tired of yo-yo dieting and working out so hard and never getting anywhere. It made sense to juice because I can’t really think of anything healthier than stuffing your body full of veggie nutrients all day every day.

I remembered about the Reboot I had done years ago and decided to look up “Juicing for Hashimoto’s”… and I found a 60 Day Guided Reboot for Thyroid on Joe’s website! Right then and there, I decided to sign up.

I shed pounds and had fewer symptoms, too


The first week was very hard. Remembering to take in all the fluids each day was also difficult! I’ve learned to set a timer on my phone for fluid intake.

But after that, Rebooting was fine. It went so well that I have extended the juicing only phase for the sake of continued weight loss. So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds (and I am still losing) weight.*

I didn’t expect to have a complete loss of all my symptoms such as major fatigue, mood swings, rashy arms and cheeks, hair loss, and aches and pains.*

Juicing shifted my thinking around food and lifestyle choices

I didn’t really learn new things as far as health and nutrition, but drinking juice only helped me to look more critically at the lifestyle choices I had been making for my family. It opened my eyes to the power of proper nutrition. I don’t think I (or my kids) will ever be the same.

I am still 100% juice only at the moment.

I have also switched out a lot of products for all natural, raw, and vegan such as toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap, laundry detergent and cleaners.

I have purchased my first free-range grass fed and finished half cow. I have switched my family to gluten free and have had a focus on the addition of fresh produce wherever possible for my kids.

Going forward, I plan to be dairy free, gluten free, and mostly plant-based. I plan to juice frequently, and Reboot a few times per year.

What I’d tell someone if they were thinking about a Guided Reboot…

Doing a Reboot is an awesome way to jumpstart your health and wellness journey. Everything is done for you. All you have to do is go into robot mode and swallow lots and lots of micronutrient-packed drinks and lots of water. Anyone can do it. And everyone can benefit from it.