Reboot as an Elimination Diet

A Reboot increases your fruit and vegetable intake and eliminates all processed foods. As such, the Reboot is a natural elimination diet when you are restricting food groups for a limited period of time.

Some food groups such as dairy, gluten, yeast, eggs, soy, peanuts, nuts, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, chocolate, shellfish and naturally occurring amines can be possible food allergens or intolerances for some people.

A person can go for years not knowing what may be contributing to their poor health concerns, a Reboot is a wonderful opportunity to observe any health issues or symptoms that resolve or improve significantly. When re-introducing food groups after a Reboot, it is a good time to observe any symptoms of ill health re-surface.

In the week leading up to the Reboot, we suggest you follow these Reboot Food Guidelines.

After you have completed your Reboot program for the chosen length of time, we recommend you to follow the After the Reboot guidelines.

Each group of suspected foods can be tested in turn. Slowly introduce each food group that you suspect could be an allergen. For you, there may only be one or a few food groups that you may wish to test, such as dairy or gluten.

Symptoms can appear almost immediately after consuming a food allergen you cannot tolerate, or they may appear the following day, or they may take as long as three to five days before they appear.

Always keep a diary or record, listing each food introduction and any possible symptoms. 

This is advised to start in the week leading up to the Reboot, during the Reboot and after the Reboot and with each food introduction.

To test a food it is suggested to consume 3 serving per day for 3 days of the suspect food.
Dairy products – 3 servings of unsweetened dairy such as milk, natural yogurt, cheese, cream and sour cream.
Wheat allergy – Wheat cereal for breakfast, wholegrain bread for lunch and wholegrain pasta for dinner.
Gluten – See above for wheat allergy, although you can include different grains throughout the day such as rye, barley, spelt and oats.
Preservatives & colors – large amounts of candies containing artificial preservatives & colors throughout the day. (this might make anyone sick if you ask me!). Sulfite-containing dried fruit (preservative 220 or sulphur dioxide).
Eggs – 2-3 eggs per day
Shellfish – small amounts of prawns, crab, oysters, crayfish and mussels
Chocolate – 50-100grams of chocolate per day
Yeast – consume yeast in bread, yeast supplements, Vegemite, Marmite and beer.
Amines – consume tinned fish, chocolate, cheese, ripe bananas and pork

If you do have a reaction and you wish to continue challenging any more possible allergens you will need to have a rest and allow the symptoms experienced to resolve for at least 5 days before proceeding to the next food test so there is no continuation of the last allergen into the possible next one.

If you react to a food straight away then do not continue the food challenge for the remaining time.

An elimination diet can be a difficult task. I hope this makes it easier to combine a detox plan and a re-introduction for those people that may want to discover any possible food related symptoms.

When food related symptoms are resolved people can go on with their lives in a happier, healthier, symptom-free state of health.