Moisturizing Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Winter is a hard season to be hair. Static, dry, frizzy and untamable are a couple of the oh-so-amazing descriptive words that may come to mind. The key to a “do” that not only survives but thrives is moisture!  Your pantry might be a surprising place to find a moisturizer, but coconut oil has shined as an effective moisturizer for tough winter hair! Coconut oil is best when used as a pre-wash moisturizing treatment. The chemical structure of coconut oil is what holds the key to its success. Coconut oil is a fat, which is hydrophobic or “fearful” of water. When used as a pre-wash moisturizing treatment, coconut oil inhibits the penetration of water into the surface of the hair protecting the hair from swelling which increases breakage and causes the dreaded winter “frizzies”. Coconut oil also contains a high proportion of the fatty acid lauric acid, this healthy fat helps to penetrates the hair shaft and actually prevent the loss of our hairs protein structure which protects it from damage and can help to repair dry or previously damaged hair. Hallelujah!

From our pantry to our shower, coconut oil is a skin loving food!


  • 1-4 tbsp coconut oil, unrefined (depending on length of hair)
  • Comb
  • Hair clip or elastic
  • Shower cap


  1. On dry hair, massage coconut oil into your scalp and roots in circular motions. Once scalp is fully coated, use remaining coconut oil to coat hair through the its end using the comb. If coconut oil is solid, gently warm it in your hands before applying to scalp.
  2. Twist hair into a bun using hair clip or elastic and place shower cap on.
  3. Leave on for anywhere from 15 minutes to overnight.
  4. Apply shampoo without wetting hair, lather into scalp and then rinse. Option to repeat shampoo to ensure all coconut oil is removed. Condition and style hair as normal.
  5. Make fun plans and allow others to admire gorgeous, soft and smooth hair!
  6. Repeat whenever your hairs need a drink!