Kitchen Tools For Your Reboot

When embarking on a Reboot, I think the number one way to ensure success is to be prepared. So of course, that means having your juicer at the ready (or at least having identified where you will obtain your juice), but there are actually a lot of tools that can be really handy while Rebooting and can make the experience even more enjoyable. Here are some of my must-haves… and remember, if your Rebooting family member or friend still needs a holiday gift, these are some great ideas!

– Juicer – Need I say more. There are lots of available models, and we like ‘em all! Joe used a Breville in the film if that’s what you decide you’re looking for. www.bitly.com/juiceon

– Blender – Another obvious contender, great for smoothies and can also be used to puree vegetable soups and to emulsify salad dressings.

– Mandoline – This is one of my favorite kitchen tools! You can use it to slice raw vegetables very thin which are great in salads and veggie dishes. Think shredded carrot and fennel salad or matchstick zucchini to add to your leafy greens!

– Chef’s Knife – Did you ever realize there would be this much chopping involved with a healthy lifestyle? Sure, some veggies fit in the juicer whole, but more often than not, you have to cut them down to size. Invest in a sharp chef’s knife which you can use for almost every vegetable.

– Cutting Board – See knife post above!

– Immersion Blender (aka Stick Blender) – I swear by this small yet handy kitchen tool. It is the simplest way to blend soups and is also the easiest to clean! Throw a bunch of veggies in a pot, add some liquid and then use this to make it smooth – What could be easier?!

– Vegetable Scrub Brush – Seems so simple, right? But before you juice those veggies, give ‘em a good scrub, no one likes grit in their juice!

– Spiralizer – OK, now we’re starting to get a little more unique. This tool makes long ribbons out of veggies that can be used in salads or for cooked veggie dishes. Think about long zucchini threads that look like linguine noodles – a super fun and healthy pasta alternative!

– Dehydrator – This tool is only for the most advanced Rebooter 😉 Here’s how you can make your very own RAW kale chips, carrot chips, dried onion rings, the list goes on! Snack on some raw dehydrated veggies over processed snack foods every time!!

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday!!