Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Juice On

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend my time traveling to three major cities in the beautiful state of Texas for book tour events. I love visiting Texas because it’s true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas! The crowds, the juice supply, and the welcome — you guys really showed me that southern charm and I can’t thank you enough. I enjoyed meeting all of you — more than 350 folks! And talking to so many of you who had your own success to share. Take a look at some of the weekends’ highlights.  See the full Book Tour Schedule so you can see where I’m heading next and I can meet you too!


A BIG thanks to JuiceLand for hosting another wonderful event — you guys are the best!

JuiceLand Sign

And for providing samples of your juice. The Ninja Bachelor Party is my favorite (we have the recipe here!).

JuiceLand Samples

Another huge thanks to Kenny’s Backyard — this was the perfect spot to enjoy a gorgeous night with fantastic folks.

150 People in Austin

There were so many kids running around the whole time — nothing makes me smile more than seeing the young ones attend these events.

Kids at Juiceland

How about this guy?! Sergio here just finished a 65 Day Reboot and he enjoyed his first bite of real food with me! An apple, just like I did when I finished my Reboot.

Sergio's First Bite

HOUSTON — Barnes & Noble

The weather down here is just magnificent. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and over 120 people stepped into Barnes & Noble for the book signing.

Just look how gorgeous it was!

B&N In SUn

All of these wonderful people sacrificed some sunshine to spend time with me…thanks again for coming out! I loved meeting each and every one of you.

Crowd in Houston

This picture speaks for itself — Israel, you’re incredible!

Israel Lopez - Success Story

DALLAS — Barnes & Noble
I was blown  away by the 140 people who turned out on my last day in Texas. And especially by so many of them who drove more than three hours to attend — I met many folks from Oklahoma!
Check out this crowd…
Crowd in Dallas
In that crowd was success story, Angel, who lost 52 pounds in 62 days. Good on you mate.
Angel Success Story
I had the opportunity to enjoy excellent juice while I was in Dallas. Tribal Juice, a local distributor, brought juice for me at the start of the talk, and I stopped by Buda Juice for a refreshing juice before my event.
Buda Juice
Thanks Texas!