Is Juicing Safe? Joe Gives an Answer

Welcome to another video in the series of Ask Joe Anything. I love receiving so many questions from all of you so keep them coming! Every week I’m posting a video answering as many questions as possible within 3 minutes (sometimes I go a little longer but that’s just the nature of how it goes!). If you haven’t submitted a question yet, you can do so by including the #AskJoeAnything tag on my Facebook, Twitter (@JoeTheJuicer or @RebootWithJoe) or my Instagram account @JoeTheJuicer.

You can see what questions I’ve already answered in Week 1 & Week 2 if you missed them. For this week’s you can watch the video below for my full descriptions or simply read them!


  1. In the morning I make a large batch of juice. One glass for morning, I take one to work and the last one when I walk in the door after work. Someone told me you lose all the nutrients if it sits for a few hours. Any truth to this?
    Just like if you were to slice open an apple, or break open any kind of produce and leave it on the kitchen bench and then go to work and come back, it’s going to be off. It’s going to be rotted because you are allowing the oxidation process, or in other words, the bacteria in the atmosphere to get in and essentially break down the plant. Not only is dehydration happening because the evaporation of the water inside the plant, you’re actually having the decay by the bacteria eating away at all the good stuff.So here’s what we do. We are okay when we juice to put it in a glass mason jar, seal it tight, try and fill the glass right up to the top, and then put it in the refrigerator.
    That does two things:
    1. By going in the refrigerator and dropping the temperature that slows down the rate at which that bacteria is able to multiply to decay the produce.
    2: By having it in the refrigerator and sealed, it blocks out other bacteria from getting in. You can get more juice storing tips here.
  1. What should I tell folks who try to push their advice on me that juicing isn’t safe?
    There’s about 20 million people who have watched my film and for some reason they are watching it – that doesn’t mean that they all agree but a lot of people are doing it and a lot of people are getting incredible results. Now no one is sitting here, particularly me, saying juice only the rest of your life. That’d be crazy, it would be stupid. I think that the best way to juice is to incorporate it into your diet as part of blending and eating produce. We all, me included, need to work out ways to get more produce into your system. I think juicing, blending and eating are three great ways of doing it. In that context, I don’t think that there’s any argument about juicing being safe.

    When it comes to the juicing only part, there are certainly people who shouldn’t juice only. If you are on particular medications, particularly blood thinning medications, then that’s not a good idea to juice only. On our website, we have tons of juicing information and Reboots FAQs because we deal with this a lot. We also have a Medical Advisory Board to help us answer these questions. There’s always going to be naysayers, there’s always going to people who have an expert opinion on something they really aren’t an expert on. So I would say just try to be positive and not take too much of that negativity on board.

  2. What is your favorite, most inspiring book and band or musician?
    I would have to say my favorite band is U2. I’m a big fan of U2. I like them a lot. Inspiring book? There’s a book by A.B. Facey called A Fortunate Life. That’s a book worth reading. It’s an Australian story and an incredible book. Very inspiring.Signing out from a beautiful Sydney saying to you all, stay warm and juice on!