5 Common Questions from New Rebooters

Last week at Camp Reboot 2014 was amazing!  It was full of fun, learning, connection, spending time with new and old friends and of course…lot’s of juice. With nearly 200 Rebooters, there was a nice mix of people who have Rebooted before, those who were currently on a long Reboot, or many who were Rebooting for the first time and Camp Reboot was their kickstart to a new, healthy life. I was able to spend a lot of time with these new Rebooters and they all had a few common questions. Reflecting on my experience I wanted to share the top 5 nutrition questions that I heard throughout the week, because I’m sure many new and old Rebooters have similar questions:

1.) Some juices seem too sweet, are they?  
While fruits and even some veggies, like sweet potatoes, do lend a natural sweet flavor to juice, they also provide potent phytonutrients responsible for immune support, anti-inflammatory actions and antioxidant capabilities.  Generally when Rebooting, we suggest sticking to the 80/20 rule regarding the ratio of veggies to fruits to keep your juice balanced.  This is especially important for those with diabetes, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, candida or other conditions.  Estimate your amount of starting ingredients before juicing to get to the 80/20.

2.) Is there enough protein in my juice?
This is one of the most common questions we receive at Team Reboot!  For our 5 day camp juicing extravaganza, there is plenty of protein to keep any healthy person from experiencing a deficiency.  In fact, some juices (think green), have about 5-6 grams per 16-20 oz serving.  To put it in perspective: ¼ cup nuts, 1 egg or 1 oz of chicken/turkey/beef has 7 grams.  While juicing only for short periods of time typically doesn’t require adding extra protein, for certain persons like those who are very active or have blood sugar issues, or those embarking on longer juice only plans, adding some plant protein may be of help.  We had the opportunity to taste test the new Reboot Protein Powder made specifically for juice!  It mixes easily, doesn’t influence the flavor of juice, is 100% plant based and contains important nutrients like zinc, biotin and vitamin D.  Look for it online at www.reboowithjoe.com – it will be available for purchase soon.

3.) How will I be able to make all of my juices at home when I’m so busy?
 One of the luxuries of Camp Reboot is being able to walk into the juice tent and simply fill up your cup with delicious, healthy juice.  No shopping, prepping or cleaning involved! However, when you go home, most of the work is on you, and it’s important to get organized, get to the grocery store and set our kitchen up for success. Here are 5 tips to keep up with juicing and healthy eating at home when you’re busy:

  • Planning:  This is by far the most important principle for making time to eat in a way that supports how you want to live.  Planning begins beforehand, meaning you want to “get ahead” of your meals.  If you sit down over the weekend and map out your week, you can gather recipes, shop for ingredients and kick off the week well prepared for healthy eating on the go.
  • Preparation:  Stocking your kitchen with essentials can go a long way when time is of the essence.  Check out these 10 Foods You Need In Your Kitchen to Stay Healthy All Year.   You can create many fast but healthy meals from these simple staples.
  • Prioritize:  Making healthy eating non-negotiable is an important way to stick with your goals.  This means making time for food preparation, researching restaurant meal choices online before going and carving out time to stop and eat snacks or meals throughout your busy day.  When you’re well nourished, your resilience to make healthy choices when faced with a sea of processed, high fat, high salt foods will be much stronger.  Kind of like not going to the grocery store hungry!
  • Get the next two tips to help you prepare your own juices.

4.) How do I prepare all of the produce for juicing?
Peel or chop? Do I juice stems? What about seeds? Getting your produce ready to juice and knowing exactly how to juice them can seem overwhelming.  I’m in the kitchen a lot and so are many of at Team Reboot, so we put together the tips that we find most helpful in the kitchen.  It’s an A-Z Produce Prep Guide including fruits, veggies and even herbs and spices, that will help speed up your juicing process.

5.) How long should I continue to juice once I have started? 
A Reboot can range from 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30 days but you can customize your Reboot to any amount of time that suits you best. Every person’s ideal Reboot length is individual and will be different each time you Reboot.  For example, perhaps your first Reboot was for 30 days but during your next Reboot six months later, 15 days feels right.  How do you go about figuring out what’s best for your body? Here are some key questions to consider to figure out when it’s time to transition out of your Reboot.

Have more questions? We just updated our FAQ’s so be sure to check it out for more Rebooting info.