12 Days of Self Care

The holidays can be a stressful time, so this challenge is all about how to take care of yourself, and have a little fun, during the holiday season. Give the gift of health to yourself.

Day 1: Get Moving

Set yourself up to stay active this holiday season. Try 30 minutes of something today—walking, yoga, an online video, and make a plan to stay active this season.

Day 2: Reduce Screen Time

Spend time away from screens and take a “digital detox” today or just reduce your screen time as much as you can.

Day 3: Drink More Water

Bring a water bottle to work or just be sure you drink one or two glasses of water when you wake up this morning. Bonus points for squeezed lemon in your water.

Day 4: Take a Mindful Moment

Take a few minutes this morning or this evening (or on your lunch break) to sit quietly, breathe or try a quick meditation. Notice how you feel after.

Day 5: Make a Holiday Juice

The holiday season can include fresh juices and you can keep it festive.

Day 6: Practice Gratitude

Try writing 3 things you are grateful for today or keep a gratitude journal for the rest of the challenge.

Day 7: Make a Smart Sweet

Going to a holiday party? Bring these cookies that are a healthy option and still tasty.

Day 8: Watch a Fun Holiday Movie

Do you like old classics or funny comedies this time of year? Laughing is a great way to de-stress, so watch Elf, Home Alone or whatever movie you love. Check this list for more suggestions.

Day 9: Put on a DIY Face Mask

Take some time to care for your skin with this recipe or one you love.

Day 10: Enjoy More Sleep

Put yourself to bed an hour early and enjoy the extra rest. Bonus points for turning off all screens 2 hours before bed.

Day 11: Prepare a Simple, Veggie-Centric Holiday Dish

Don’t abandon veggies this time of year, this simple vegetable dish will keep it festive and healthy.

Day 12: Get Connected

Write a note in our Joe Cross Community Facebook Group about one thing you love about your online/healthy friend connections or one thing you are doing to have a healthier, happier holiday.

Every Day

Be sure to start each day with warm water and lemon. Get recipe here.

Enjoy one juice a day for all 12 days. Find juice recipes here.