The Nama Cold Press Juicer

“The most effective juicer I’ve ever used.”
Joe Cross, star and director of the film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

1. Better flavor
True Taste Extraction™ preserves natural flavors and nutrients from oxidation.

2. More juice
Maximizes micronutrient extraction from fruits and vegetables.

3. Less time
Juice ingredients with less prep using Pure Press Technology™.

With patented technology to extract more juice
and vital micronutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Muti Function

Multiple strainers to create juices, smoothies, nut-milks and sorbets.

Pure Press Technology™

Our solution to juice whole produce that can fit into the chute, like carrots, celery and kale, without cutting into small pieces. It’s our perfect balance of torque, speed, and filtering.

Nutrient Dense

Maximizes extraction of the micronutrients that our bodies need to function at their best.

Maximum Juice

Get every last drop of nature’s liquid sunshine out of your fruits and vegetables.

More for your Money

Get up to 60% more juice when juicing leafy greens and 30% more juice when making Joe’s Mean Green.*

About Nama

Nama develops products that help people make better choices and rituals that nurture the body and mind.

Nult Milk

It’s never been easier to make your own nut milk. All you need are nuts, water and a few minutes.

Easy to Clean

Done preparing your juice? Clean up is quick and easy.

Attention to detail

Countless hours and hundreds of prototypes lead us to the design innovations.

Watch Joe Using the Nama Juicer

Joe Cross Review's the Nama Cold Press Juicer

The Nama Cold Press, masticating Juicer is powerful and versatile using patented technology to extract more juice and vital micronutrients from fruits and vegetables. I also love it because it’s so much more than a juicer.

Juicing with Joe

Watch Joe video chat with owners of the Nama Cold Press Juicer. They share tips, recipes and thoughts. Hear what people are saying about the Nama Cold Press Juicer and how it works for them.

Almond-Pecan Nut Milk

Joe & Dan Make Almond Pecan Milk. Seeing is believing so watch this video of me making almond milk to see exactly how you can use your juicer to make your own nut milks. It is easy, delicious and good for you!


What People are Saying

“I did a side by side comparison with this juicer next to a mid-priced, high speed machine and found it to produce nearly twice as much juice that was higher in quality, taste and brightness of color.”

Tracee Sloan

“In my opinion, the quality and amount of juice you get from the Nama is worth every penny you spend on the machine. Over time you will spend sooooo much more on produce with the other juicers! I’m in love with the Nama and feel good about my purchase.”

Michelle Perry

“Made juice today for the first time with my Nama. Like everyone is saying it is very quiet. Ended up making about a gallon of my green juice. Kale, spinach, bok choy, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, green apples, and pears. The juice was awesome. Loved the taste, texture and color.”

Michael Mock

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