Why Breville?

In the two years since I launched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I’ve been approached by almost a dozen appliance manufacturers who wanted me to use, promote and sell their juicers and blenders. I listened to what they each said and tried their respective products (you can imagine some comedy in the office when the product was inferior – we learned it’s really hard to get beet juice off the ceiling!) but the truth was, I needed to know and respect the product before I entered into a commercial relationship. Now, I picked the Breville Juice Fountain when I set off on the journey of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead more than five years ago because it is Australian – just like me. I guess I thought it would bring me luck, and it has. I reckon the brand and its products earned my respect when I was just a fat bloke trying to save his life. And I’m excited now to have an official relationship with them that will help me create more of the content, information and tools to reach more people like me.

I’ve got some exciting news! Reboot with Joe has entered into a relationship with Breville around the world. This means that Breville, as our exclusive partner, will help us launch the movie and bring it to audiences of tens of millions of people in almost two dozen countries of 2013. I am excited to see our community grow, and bring our message of hope and change to the biggest audience possible.

This also means Breville will be my exclusive juicer and blender brand whenever we are making movies, tv shows, or doing personal appearances. Depending on which country I am in the world, the juicer I use may have a different name. In Australia, Canada and the US, it’s Breville, and in the UK it’s Sage by Heston Blumenthal. Both brands are designed and made by the same company – Breville Group, Australia.

Juice on!


Note: Reboot with Joe has an affiliate marketing relationship with Amazon.com.