The Joe Show: Rebooting for Athletes


I’m constantly asked if juicing and plant-based eating provides enough protein for your diet. And guess what? They sure do! There are vegan NFL stars, pro boxers (Mike Tyson is one!), and marathoners who rely on fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds to give them the power they need to perform their best. In this episode of the Joe Show, you’ll find out how you can maximize workouts while maintaining a plant-based diet.

Athletes Juice & Top Five Fruits and Veggies For Endurance and StrengthI’ve always loved playing rugby so I asked a few members of the Brooklyn Rugby Team to stop by the Reboot Kitchen to help me make an “Athletes Juice” loaded with protein (and that means lots of leafy greens!) to help fuel their performance during the games. Get the recipe and know what fruits and veggies to load up on before or after your next workout to feel the added energy!

Pumping Iron Smoothie If you’re working out super hard and craving more than juice, you’ll love my go-to “Pumping Iron Smoothie.” It’s loaded with fiber and protein to keep me full all morning long and helps to rebuild my muscle fibers after a heavy duty workout.

The Meatball Shop’s Vegetarian MeatballsCo-owner and manager of The Meatball Shop in New York City, Michael Chernow, recognized the demand for healthy eating options when you’re out to eat, so one of the main options on his menu are “Vegetarian Meatballs” that are full of protein. You have to try this recipe or if you’re in NYC make sure you visit the restaurant!

Pro-Athletes Drink Juice Too
Hear from an ex-NFL star who shares why it’s beneficial to consume juice when you’re working on your fitness. For Ronnie Cameron, he could workout longer with more stamina and bolts of energy that increased his performance on the field. Learn more from him when we caught up with him in a Q&A.